Appy And Healthy Living

Our health is so important.  Right from the moment we are conceived through to old age, we need to have access to a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and lots of great healthcare.  

With the development of modern technology there are now loads of ways we can improve our lifestyle and monitor our health so here are our top favourite apps to help you towards an appier life. (Sorry.  Too much pun?)

Firstly, let’s talk about our hearts.  This is a pretty vital organ which you want to respect.  Without it, you are going to be, well, dead.  Being dead is no fun at all so pack your diet full of Omega 3 fatty acids and get out there for 174 minutes of cardio exercise every week.  What happens though if you are worried about your heart?  Even those of us who keep fit and eat well can have heart palpitations. Often your doctor will tell you these are nothing to worry about, however that isn’t all that reassuring. Thankfully though a German company called Preventicus has developed an app called hearbeats. This works by reading your heart rhythm through your little finger, a pulse point.  It is recommended by german doctors as a great way to keep your eye on things and you can also save the data to a PDF file and take it back to the doctor if you are really worried.  It might just push them into giving you an ECG.  The nicest thing about this app is it is reassuring and gives them really positive information about any irregular heartbeats you may have.  


A great allrounder app which tracks your health, fitness and can work with your heart rate too, is the Argus app.  Argus brings together your diet, water intake, step count and various other items into a handy tile document.  You can set it up to remind you when to drink, eat, sleep and get moving.  With a step counter, you can hook it up to your apple watch or other smart device and it will monitor when you reach a predefined goal.  This app is really great at making you aware of how much you move, or don’t move, during the day and can inspire you to drink more water as it will tell you off if you haven’t had a drink for a couple of hours.  It also lets you know how much sugar you are eating and tells you how to reduce this, which may save you a fortune on dental implants.

Finally Sleep Cycle.  You may think you are getting your eight hours a night, however the quality of that sleep could be causing you to suffer a few issues.  Sleep cycle runs whilst you are sleeping and only uses 1% of your battery, although it recommends you use it whilst attached to the mains charger.  It monitors your movement so can tell you how rested your sleep was.  After a week of gathering data and of you making notes, you will get an idea of how certain things affect your sleep quality.  Such as alcohol or eating late.  

So, get with the times and start using some of the health apps!

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