Painful Time Of The Month: Possible Causes

Sometimes, you have to talk about the less pleasant things in life.

Taxes – we have to talk about those, even though it is literally the most boring subject on the face of the earth.

Drainage systems – ignore these at your peril.

The human body and the plethora of ways in which it can go wrong – yep, no stone can be left unturned here.

The last one is what we’re going to focus on. So if you were in the process of bailing at the idea of talking about drainage systems, don’t worry. No, this is far more pleasant: the uterus.

In so many ways, the uterus is a wonderful organ. It’s the source of life itself, after all. With that said, it can also be the source of much pain and misery in your life. If you find yourself at the sharp end of this, then every month you could find yourself curled in pain while staring at feminine hygiene ads with barely concealed fury. Why are all these women smiling? Don’t they know the horrors you’re going through? What were the ad executives thinking?

There are two primary conditions that can have a serious impact on the time of the month. Sometimes – because being a human is fun like that – they can even occur simultaneously. Here’s what you need to know.


Excessive Pain During Your Period Is Not Just One of Those Things

If you suffer from painful periods, to an extent, that’s normal. It’s a painful process and the occasional night with a hot water bottle strapped around your abdomen is fairly standard.

What’s not normal is a level of pain that prevents you from doing anything else. Pain that cuts right inside of you, makes you whimper as it stabs, makes you need to cancel plans or take time off work. Don’t be fooled into thinking that’s normal.

The most likely culprit is a condition called endometriosis. This is where the lining of the womb (what you shed during your period) grows outside of the womb. Endometrium has even been found in the lungs in rare cases, though the bowels and bladder are the most commonly affected.

Alternatively, the cause might be a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome. This is caused by a hormone imbalance and leads to painful periods, sweating, and excess body hair. Because being a woman is fun!

Are They Serious?

It depends on your definition of ‘serious’. No, PCOS and endometriosis are not going to threaten your life, so they’re not serious in that way.

However, both have the potential to have serious adverse effects on your chances of both falling and then sustaining pregnancy. There are ways and means around the issue, such as consulting with IVF information provided by specialists and undergoing an egg harvest for surrogacy use, so if you do want to just ignore it then you still have options.


You shouldn’t. Just because something isn’t going to kill you doesn’t mean it’s not going to damage your quality of life. There are various treatments available for both conditions, with varying degrees of success. Talk to a doctor if your pain levels during your period are out of control – it’s always better to know.

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