Avoiding Relapse When Life is Hectic

You and your support team have traveled many miles to see you at a point of sobriety. Staying on track is the goal for anyone that has made a commitment to get off drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, relapse is a possibility for anyone. There are a few things you can do to help guard your sobriety and keep relapse as far from you as possible. There may not be any way to slow life down, but the way you approach and react to life can make a big difference in continued recovery success.

Know Your Limits

Taking on more tasks and responsibility than can reasonably be expected is a recipe for disaster with recovery and sobriety. There are specific things that are unavoidable, such as working a job to pay the rent and maintaining relationships with family and friends, but overloading your schedule can derail your progress. Every individual has a point where they have taken on too much, which sends the levels of stress to an almost unbearable plateau. Begin to scale back some if you feel extreme amounts of stress and anxiety.

Focus on Fitness

Placing an emphasis on taking care of yourself is one way to guard your sobriety. Eating healthy, exercising and getting the proper amount of sleep are necessary for your physical and mental health. The exercise does not have to be time-consuming, or strenuous. Take a walk in the evening. It can also serve to help promote a feeling of relaxation. Avoid processed foods and junk calories. Your body needs healthy foods that are filled with a ton of preservatives and chemicals. Getting a good seven or eight hours of sleep will help keep you focused and mentally alert.

Plan Relaxation

You have to fight back against the urge to immerse all of your time in stress-inducing activities. Schedule a little bit of relaxation and stick with the plan. Take a hike, have a picnic, read a book, or go see a movie. Give yourself time to decompress every once in a while. The more you place all of your time into the things that cause stress, the harder it will be to wind down and get the relaxation that is needed to stay happy and healthy. This can derail your sobriety faster than imagined.

Do Not Take on Other People’s Problems

Everyone on planet earth has problems. Some people seem to have more than others and are looking for answers that you may not have. There is nothing wrong with listening and feeling empathy, but never take on the problems and feel an obligation to come up with the solutions. This can become a habit and quickly leave you feeling overwhelmed. You also run the risk of offering advice that does not give the results wanted and then you are left feeling even more stress. Try to limit your involvement, especially if are already experiencing more than a fair share of life stress in your current situation.

Deal With Depression and Anxiety Positively and Proactively

Being faced with one hectic day after another without any relief can lead to bouts of depression and anxiety. These are periods in which you are more vulnerable to slips and relapse. This is the time to encircle yourself with trusted support team members. Be very proactive and positive in your approach to getting in a better state of mind. Be honest with those closest to you about your feelings and the extent of the difficulties in the struggle. Be firm in your commitment to sobriety and this period will pass.

Be Realistic Regarding Temptation

Times of high stress and busy schedules are the worst periods to place yourself within arms reach of temptation. Whether it is alcohol or addictive drugs, the human capacity for pushing back temptation has limits. Keep yourself in areas that are clean and the people are sober-minded. This will help reinforce your ability to withstand natural temptation. There will always be a tough day now and again. Avoid creating the drama for yourself by being in locations that are known for use of the substances you have struggled to stay clean from. It is a common sense approach to guarding your sobriety.

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