3 Ways to Break Free and Earn Money While Traveling

For many, the 9-5 work life is a shackle preventing them from doing the things they really want to do. Things such as travel, explore, and engage in fun outdoor activities.

The issue with the typical corporate work environment is time. You are required to be at your desk, productive or not, for 8 and a half or more hours of the day. This obviously presents a problem for those wanting to travel.

There just isn’t enough time to do everything you want to do, but without your job, you won’t have the money to do anything!

What if there was a way to earn money while traveling and doing the things you love? What if there were actually many ways to do this?

Below describes 3 ways in which you can break free from your corporate shackles and earn money while traveling.

1. Start a Blog

Creating a blog and turning it into a business is one of the best ways to travel and work long term. Building and growing a blog is something that can be done just about anywhere, as long as you have a computer and a working internet connection.

The key to starting a successful blog is to provide as much value as possible to your audience. Once you do that and grow your traffic, then the monetization can begin.

The simplest way to earn money from a blog is through affiliate marketing, which means selling other peoples’ products or services.

Once you get big enough, you can then start creating and selling your own products.

2. Play the Stock Market

Playing the market and earning money is certainly doable but is something that requires a decent amount of knowledge and patience.

If you have the know-how, there is actually a lot of money to be generated from the stock market. For example, Tim Sykes is a guy who, just out of college, took $12,000 and turned it into $4 million by trading penny stocks.

Now, he teaches others how to do the same.

Before you go off and try replicating his results, you definitely want to brush up on your stock market knowledge. The Tim Sykes millionaire challenge is one way to do just that.

3. Freelance

Last but not least, freelancing is probably the quickest way to start earning money outside the corporate shackles.

All you have to do is utilize a skill you already process and provide it as a service to someone else. For example, if you know how to write pretty well, you can use a website such as Upwork to find gigs as a writer or editor.

It’s perfectly fine if you don’t have that much experience yet in your craft. You can use those sites strategically to build your portfolio and eventually make quite a good bit of money.

Break Free and Enjoy Life to the Fullest

Life shouldn’t have to be lived in the captivity of the 9-5 work life. With the ways you just learned above, you can start working toward a better, more time-friendly means to travel the world while earning a living.

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