Best Tips For Newborn Skincare

Baby’s skin is extra sensitive and thinner than adult skin, therefore making it prone to irritation. That is why we have created a guide to the best tips for newborn skincare.

When choosing skincare products for your newborn, the fewer the ingredients, the better. To decrease the chances of irritation, you should avoid products containing fragrances, parabens, and formaldehydes.

Besides avoiding certain ingredients, you should use natural baby skincare products. You can trust that they are easier on the skin since they are specifically designed for babies.

Here are a few tips for your baby’s skincare:

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  • To avoid dryness and irritation, bathe your baby just a few times a week using natural baby wash. You don’t have to use it everywhere. Focus mainly on underarms, private areas, and creases. Those spots are where the baby needs the most cleansing.
  • If your baby has hair, choose a tearless shampoo. Wash your baby’s hair everyday, especially if her head is oily or flaky.
  • Diaper rash can occur when babies sit in dirty diapers too long. You should change your baby’s diapers often. We recommend that you use disposable diapers as opposed to cloth diapers because they keep your baby’s skin drier, which will help prevent rashes from occurring.
  • Use baby wipes for sensitive skin only when wiping poop away. Even with gentle baby wipes, skin care get irritated, so use sparingly.
  • Use a gentle moisturizer after each bath. This will help prevent moisture loss and protect your baby’s skin.
  • Wash your baby’s clothes in dye and fragrance-free liquid detergent.
  • Be careful when choosing the type of fabric you dress your baby in. Wool, including cashmere, can cause irritation, so we recommend soft cotton to allow your baby’s skin to breathe.
  • Protect your baby’s skin by avoiding direct sunlight. When choosing sunscreen, choose one that is a physical sunblock with ingredients like zinc oxide.

If you follow these tips, your baby’s skin should be in very good shape. Visit for more.

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