Gift Ideas For The Gaming Geek

Computer games used to be pretty boring – pixelated characters that moved jerkily about the screen to an uninspiring and often annoying sound track.  That’s not the reality for the current generation of gamers, in fact computer games have become so well produced and thought out that it is creating a following to rival other cultural pastimes like movies and music.

It’s easy to see why people love gaming – so if you are addicted to gaming or you have a gamer in your life that needs cheering up here are some top technology and accessory treat ideas that will make you the hero.


  1. Modern gaming is built on brand loyalty and the establishment of relationships with the game’s characters.  Inevitably a host of game merchandise has sprung up to support the industry and provide gamers with the opportunity to demonstrate their love of gaming.  From branded clothing to home furnishing, you are sure to find something in your price range
  2. If you want to really splash out how about a bespoke gaming PC that really maximises the functionality and enjoyment of your favorite games. Gaming PC’s allow you to keep your work and play life separate and could help avoid techy tantrums. There are a wide selection of custom or pre-built gaming PC options available on the market and super cool ideas that will really impress even the biggest gadget geek
  3. How about the latest games controller for a smoother, cooler gaming experience? There are new designs being released on the market all the time so it can be difficult to keep up but luckily there are plenty of gaming magazines and fanzines to keep you abreast of what’s hot and not in computer gaming
  4. Games are big business and are given the full movie treatment to create the perfect immersion experience. Everything from short films within the game linking game play to a professional music score, games are a polished production. You can now own part of that production with music compilations springing up based on individual games or specific game genres. This extends gameplay beyond the game itself and has added a whole new revenue stream to both the game and music industries
  5. As well as mimicking the production values of Hollywood, the game industry has even spawned a whole line of feature films based on their rogues gallery of heroes and villains. Game-based films have grossed millions of dollars since Lara Croft first graced our screens 20 years ago. So look out for the latest release and share the gaming experience with your loved one.
  6. Finally why not try one of the hundreds of game expos that are run across the country and bring you face to face with the people behind your much loved games. Find out about latest developments and new releases and provide feedback so that computer gaming continues to push boundaries.

There are of course the computer games themselves but why not try mixing it up your gaming pleasure and turn gaming into a lifestyle choice.

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