Do You Think You’ve Been Exposed To Asbestos? Then You Need To Read This Now

In previous decades, asbestos was widely used in construction and building industries. However, once it was discovered that this material is highly toxic, it is no longer used. But that doesn’t mean that there is no asbestos in any buildings anymore. As a matter of fact, some old buildings from the 1960s and 1970s still have high levels of asbestos in their walls. Even though builders never use asbestos anymore, there is still a small chance that those working in old buildings are exposed to it.

So what should you do if you think that you have come into contact with this dangerous substance? Here are some important steps you need to take to safeguard your health.


Tell Your Doctor

You should tell your doctor that you think you have been exposed to asbestos. They will check you over and see if they can notice any damage. But as issues caused by asbestos exposure develop over a long period of time, your doctor may suggest that you attend regular checkups. This way, they can monitor your respiratory system and catch any health problems as soon as they start to develop.

Keep An Eye Out For Symptoms

Those who have been exposed to asbestos are at a very high risk of developing mesothelioma. This is a dangerous cancer that affects the lungs. If you think you have been exposed to asbestos, you should keep an eye out for the symptoms of mesothelioma. These include chest pain, coughing, and wheezing. These are often mistaken for common coughs and other chest problems in the early stages. However, if you notice them early, get them checked out by your doctor. This will help you get treatment very early on.

Contact A Lawyer

If you do develop a health condition that is a result of being exposed to asbestos, then you might be eligible for compensation. This is especially the case if you have recently been exposed at work but your employer didn’t supply any safety equipment and clothing. A Madeksho Law mesothelioma attorney is just one of the specialist attorneys who work in this field.


Get Your Vaccinations

It is recommended that anyone who has been exposed to asbestos get all of the vaccinations that they are eligible for. It is especially important to get your flu and pneumo vaccines. These conditions can morph into asbestos-related illnesses and long-term conditions. If you aren’t too sure whether you are up to date with your vaccines, ask your doctor at your next consultation.

Stop Smoking

If you smoke, it is very important that you stop right now. Asbestos and tobacco have a cumulative effect. Both together can radically increase your chance of suffering from cancer in later life. Not only this, but your lungs will be weakened after years of struggling with asbestos exposure and smoking. If they do end up developing a health issue, they may find it very hard to recover.

Think you’ve been exposed to asbestos? Call your doctor right now!


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