Crazy Times Getting In Trouble With The Law Could Cripple Your Finances

Forget about being arrested, getting in trouble with the law could end up costing you a fortune. In fact, some legal situations could financially cripple you. In some cases, you haven’t even broken the law. Just having to go through a legal proceeding could be incredibly expensive. Let’s look at some of the cases and how to avoid the massive costs that are often involved.



The cost of piracy could typically be anything up to one million or ten years in prison in some parts of the world. That’s right; you could be fined nearly a million for watching a movie that would cost ten dollars in the cinema. How crazy is that? There’s good news though because the odds of you being arrested for watching a pirated movie or tv show or listening to a song are close to zero. Every so often, they’ll make an example of one individual. Essentially, pirating is like playing a negative version of the lottery. Anytime you watch a video illegally; it could be you to lose all your money! It seems unfair, doesn’t it? There are ways to avoid paying this potential fine. You can just not watch pirated movies. Or, alternatively, make sure your internet connection is private. You can do this using a VPN or a proxy server. This bounces your internet signal off different sources, making you virtually impossible to find. It’s how terrorists escape the law and…pirates.



If you get caught drinking and driving, you probably won’t go to jail. Unless, you’re drink driving resulted in manslaughter. If that’s the case, you almost definitely will. Most of the time you’ll get points on your license, a fine and possible community service. It’s the fine that’s a real killer here though because it will cost you a fortune. A few thousand at least and if you’re unlucky, closer to fifteen. The judge often has complete control here, so you better make sure you look regretful in court. Or, make sure you get quality representation from a DWI attorney. If you want the best way to avoid this fine, just don’t drink and drive. Don’t even risk it with one glass. It’s very difficult to know how much is too much. It’s not like in the cartoons when they start to hallucinate. Most of the time all that happens is your reaction times are slowed, and most people don’t notice.



Finally, divorce is a rare case where ending up in court without breaking the law could cost you a fortune. If you get a divorce after five years without a prenup, you could end up losing half your capital. It doesn’t matter whether you earn significantly more than your partner in this situation. On top of that there are alimony fees. Plus the cost of hiring a top legal rep who you hope will get you out with your finances intact. This is why a lot of people seek an annulment. But sadley, it’s hard to get one of these. You’ll have to show that there wasn’t a meeting of minds when you were married. Essentially, you’ll need to prove the marriage was a lie from day one.


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