Including Your Junior Bridesmaid In Your Wedding

Including a junior bridesmaid in your wedding adds a certain beauty and charm. When there is a girl in your life that is too old for the position of flower girl, you can include her as a junior bridesmaid.

The age of a junior bridesmaid is usually between 8-years old – and 12-years old.

What does a junior bridesmaid do?

The real answer to this is, whatever you want her to. You will dress her in a dress that is an age-appropriate duplicate of the other bridesmaids. If you want to put her more in the spotlight, she can be dressed as a junior bride.

She walks down the aisle as the last bridesmaid just before the bride enters. Depending upon the theme of the wedding, she can carry a single flower, a basket of flowers, or even a sign that reads, “The bride is coming!”

Keep her in mind when you begin to choose gowns. There are many beautiful options for inexpensive dresses for a tight budget. Sometimes you need to explain to the bridal shop what you are looking for.

Many brides allow their junior bridesmaid to perform at the reception. She can recite a poem, sing, or perform a dance. 

Other ways to include her

Your junior bridesmaid should be allowed to go on the shopping trips, beauty appointments, and hairdresser with you and the other ladies of the party. She can also:

  • Welcome guests
  • Attend the guest’s book
  • Seat grandparents
  • Pass out programs
  • Pass out bubbles, rice, or confetti for after the ceremony
  • Help with cleanup
  • Help with younger children (but do not put the entire job of babysitting on her)

Making it special

You may want to make this event very special for this young lady. Maybe she is your daughter and is being introduced to a blended family. This is a difficult journey. But making the wedding a special event for her can help ease the awkwardness she feels.

Here are some ideas to draw her more into the ceremony:

  • Give her an instant camera and some film as her thank you gift and let her take her own pictures
  • Include her in the exchange of vows
  • Include her in the lighting of the candles ceremony
  • Let her have a father-daughter dance at the reception
  • Allow her to help serve the cake or set up a candy buffet that she can manage

Don’t forget to thank her

She is young, but she will be diligent and will take her role in the wedding very seriously. When you present the thank you gifts to the bridesmaids and groomsmen, don’t forget her. She deserves a big thank you.

The morning after the wedding will be a new day and the beginning of a new chapter in your lives. It will be challenging for the entire family. Allowing all the members of the family to begin this journey together will ensure the success of the family. So, make your wedding a beautiful memory for all of you.


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