Carry-on packing essentials

Whether you’re heading off on a six-week adventure, or a long weekend away, your carry-on luggage should always contain in-flight essentials, that are strategically chosen to make your journey as comfortable as possible. We all know that packing can be stressful, so we’ve put together the ultimate list of carry-on necessities, to help you be more organised on your next trip.

  1. The Bag

Before you even start packing, you need to decide on a bag that is suitable for your in-flight essentials. If you are travelling with a lot of technical equipment (laptops, cameras) etc. then you might be best off with a multi-compartment backpack, so you can access your electronics with ease. Backpacks are also great for long-term travellers, as it can double as a day bag for excursions!

If you’re heading for a weekend away with your friends and you’re happy to pack light, then a small wheelie suitcase is a great option. Smart packers should be able to fit all items into a carry-on case, avoiding the hassle of the dreaded baggage collection. Most airlines allow a small case and a personal bag, so you can keep any important documents close to you in a cross-body satchel or handbag.

  1. The ‘must takes’

It’s best to keep any personal documents on your person, as losing something important, like your ID, could spoil your trip. Your passport, credit card, and currency should be top of the list when it comes to carry-on essentials, but you may also want to keep hard copies of other documents too. Things like your flight itinerary, printed copies of accommodation/ transportation plans and even your electronic visa are bound to come in handy! It’s also advisable to keep a photocopy of your passport with you, as this can make things less complicated in the unfortunate event that the real thing goes missing.

  1. The valuables

Any electronics, jewellery, phones, wallet, keys, etc. can all be considered as valuable. For obvious reasons, you’ll want to keep these in your carry-on luggage too!

  1. The entertainment

There’s nothing worse than feeling bored mid-flight. You’ve watched the safety demonstration, you’ve flipped through the duty-free book and now you’re left with hours on your hands. Spend your time in the air productively by cracking on with some work, or catching up with Netflix. Preparation is key to an enjoyable flight – the night before, ensure your electricals are fully charged and pre-download everything you need to make your flight entertaining. Or, you could kick it old school and pick up a book/ magazine to flick through… you retro thing, you!

  1. The comforters

Regardless of how tropical your arrival destination is, aeroplanes are cold. To avoid feeling chilly mid-flight, be sure to pack a light-weight surf hoody in your carry-on bag. You’ll look cool, but you’ll feel toasty! You could also pack a sarong/ scarf to double as a blanket – great to accompany your ear-plugs when sleeping!

Aeroplane air is constantly recirculating, which can really dry out your skin. If you want to step off the plane feeling fresh, then its sensible to take some baby wipes, a rich moisturiser and a lip balm to accompany you in-flight. This will keep your skin feeling nourished and will prevent that uncomfortable tight, dry feeling. Just don’t forget that liquids must be under 100ml and need to be stored in a clear, zip-lock bag.

Now that you’re hand luggage is ready to go, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your flight!

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