Live Well Today For a Healthy Future

‘To me, old age is always ten years older than I am’ said a wise man once. It’s true, old age always seems like a milestone that’s constantly that bit further ahead, and so planning for it can feel a little strange. But it’s so important to consider our future health, the way we live now will directly impact it. Here are some of the ways you can ensure a healthier future.


Quit Your Unhealthy Vices

It’s no secret that smoking, drugs and excessive alcohol will all have a detrimental effect on the body. Many of these things can shave literally years off your life, so quit while you’re ahead. Over the next few years your body will heal and repair, and you will slash your risks of illnesses and diseases relating to these things. If you’re struggling with addition, either speak to your GP or book into a rehab clinic. It’s not easy, but you’ll be so glad you did. Later in life, this is time you’ll have to spend with your children and grandchildren.

Fill Up on Good Food

Food fuels the body, but it’s so much more than that. The right vitamins and minerals will nourish the body, help it to heal and grow and fight off illnesses. What you choose now will make a difference to your health later in life, so start living well as soon as possible. Take calcium, for example, this is something that you begin building your bones with as a child. Strong bones mean as you age and begin to lose tissue and density more quickly you’re less likely to develop osteoporosis or suffer fractures. Calcium supplements such as AlgaeCal are useful as you get older, you can read AlgaeCal customer reviews on the web. But this is something you can do in the here and now. Boosting your immunity with good foods will prevent you from coming down with lots of different illnesses,


Stop saying you don’t have time to exercise- just get up and get moving! Take your dog on a hike, go on a family bike ride, go paintballing with friends. These kinds of fun activities won’t even feel like you’re working out. If you have the time and motivation to hit the gym every morning, then that’s great, but if not just don’t get complacent with sitting around. Exercise will strengthen muscles and bones, keep your heart and lungs strong and healthy. It will boost your mental health and even protect you against illness due to increased immunity. There are a number of serious health conditions that come about due to lack of exercise and obesity such as heart disease and diabetes. Making sure you keep your body moving will protect against these, setting you up for a much healthier future.

Build Lasting Friendships

Friendship and social connections are something we need during all of our lives. Older people can become lonely and isolated, particularly if they become housebound or drift apart from friends and family. Make it a priority in your life to maintain good connections with the people who matter to you. Make amends if you’re feuding with family, look up long lost friends on social media and stay in touch. Having this mindset and attitude will benefit you right throughout your life. Health isn’t just about the physical, but the mental and emotional too.


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