Simple Steps Towards A Healthier Respiratory System

There is an increasing number of people suffering from respiratory diseases and conditions these days. Lots of health conditions, from the common cold to emphysema, appear to be on the rise, due to a whole bunch of different reasons. Pollution in our cities is a major factor, of course, but changes to our lifestyle are also an issue. So, if you want to ensure a healthy respiratory system for you and your family, here are some tips on how you can minimize the chances of becoming a sufferer of a breathing condition.

Move to the country

Country air is cleaner and less polluted than the air in British cities. And all of those pollutants from cars, industry and everything else, eventually ends up in all kinds of places – including homes. The truth is that if you live in a busy city, you will be exposed to pollution, dust, and grime that can affect your respiratory system. It is not uncommon for the doctors of people with severe breathing conditions to recommend a move to the country, where the air is cleaner, purer, and more superior overall.


Quit smoking

It seems a shame that we are still bringing up the suggestion of giving up tobacco use in this day and age. But the truth is that many people still puff away, and it’s still the single biggest improvement you can make to your respiratory system. To give it some context, over the course of a smoker’s life they can harm their lung capacity by around 60 percent, and it can often result in lung cancer. Quit today, and you should start seeing the benefits within a few days. According to Aspire eCig UK, many people are using vaping and e-cigs to quit the fags successfully. And, the current guidelines from health authorities is that vaping appears to be far, far less damaging to your health than smoking.

Drink more water

Hydration is a critical factor of a healthy respiratory system. When you are thirsty, your lungs won’t work as well as they do usually – because a lack of water makes them dilate. Drinking plenty of water every day also stops mucus from forming and starting to block passages.

Slow down on the booze

While it sounds like we are being party poopers here, the simple truth is that alcohol can have an adverse impact on your respiratory system. As we mentioned above, when you are dehydrated your lungs won’t work as well as normal. And when you drink, of course, you become dehydrated. It’s also worth pointing out that research suggests a link between heavy drinkers and some sufferers of respiratory ill health.

Avoid high-fat foods

According to research, foods high in fat content might be a trigger for respiratory problems such as asthma – and it also interferes with respiratory medication. Try to avoid foods like this, and instead focus on eating a balanced diet. Not only will you avoid breathing problems, but eating lots of vitamins will also boost your immune system and fight against pollutants and damage caused by cigarettes.

Get into exercise

Symptoms of respiratory conditions such as asthma can be eased by doing regular exercise – however, be careful where you do your workouts. If you are exercising in a highly polluted environment, all the extra air you breathe in from exertion will cause you problems. It’s also important to talk to your GP about exercising when you have a respiratory condition, primarily to set safe exercise limits.

Get an air purifier for your home

As we mentioned earlier in the article, pollutants from busy cities often end up in your home. Two solutions might help. The first is to invest in an air purifier for your home. It will contribute to clean your home’s air so it is free of pollutants and allergens such as dust mites, pollen, and animal dander – all of which can antagonise the respiratory system. However, even opening your windows and creating passages of flowing air can help – the pollutants will flow through your home rather than settle in it.


Finally, try breathing correctly – a surprisingly few number of people can actually do it! Many folks tend to shallow breathe rather than take deep gulps, but doing so prevents oxygen reaching the bottom of the lungs. It’s well worth doing, so try investigating some yoga breathing techniques – it might even start to increase your lung capacity.

OK, so there you have it – some great tips for protecting and improving your respiratory system. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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