Sober Thoughts: Telltale Signs That You’re Drinking Too Much

We all love a drink with our friends and family. It usually marks a special occasion, but too often do we look for any excuse we can to have that occasion. If your cellar is full of wine or your cupboards are loaded with spirits, then you might be drinking a bit more than you might imagine, and you might not be as healthy as you might think.

We’ve all heard (and maybe encountered) the dangers of drinking too much, but drunkenness is usually associated with dazed states and being unable to remember what we’ve done. But did you know that alcohol starts to affect your body after a single drink? You may not have noticed it, and some people can handle their drink better than others, but everyone is considered “drunk” after a couple of glasses of wine no matter how well they hide it.

If you’re worried about how much you might be drinking, then consider these points. If you feel like you’re drinking too much, then it might help to collect some AA Achievement Coins to mark the beginning of sobriety.


You Crave a Drink

This is an obvious one, but it’s also extremely easy to shrug off. If the thought of a drink never escapes your mind—especially as it gets close to the end of your work day, then you might be experiencing an addiction to alcohol. People assume that as long as you don’t carry around a hip flask all the time, you aren’t addicted to alcohol. However, that’s far from the truth and thinking about alcohol all the time can be considered a form of addiction. If you’re thinking “I can’t wait to get home for a drink” instead of “I can’t wait to see my kids after work” then it’s a sign that you should take your alcohol consumption more seriously.

You Can Hold Your Drink

When people drink coffee for the first time, their awareness shoots up and the caffeine kicks their body into overdrive. However, if you drink coffee on a regular basis, then you may have noticed that it takes more or stronger coffee until you feel those effects. The same applies to alcohol. If you don’t feel tipsy after a couple of drinks, then you may have built up a tolerance to the effects of alcohol. As mentioned before, everyone should feel at least somewhat tipsy after the first drink.


Concerned Friends

It’s hard to notice when we’re drinking and having a good time, but if your friends are showing signs of concern then perhaps you might be drinking more than you should be. It’s easy to swat away those complaints and see them as just nagging, but your friends wouldn’t be showing concern if they didn’t care about your wellbeing. If you’ve ever woken up on your friend’s sofa after a night out, then it’s probably a warning sign that you need to cut down on drinking. Listen to your friends, and try to understand that they are worried about your drinking habit.

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