What Types Of Oils Are The Best For Aging Skin?

When we think of oil and skin, we often think about the combination as a negative. However, natural oils are important for your skin’s youth and longevity. Our skin is constantly rejuvenating throughout our lifetime. As we hit a certain number of birthdays, however, our skin becomes a little bit worse at rejuvenating and needs a bit of extra help. This is where natural oils become important for stopping aging and ensuring that skin stays youthful. At timelessha.com, you can find serums that are rich in ingredients that are good for your skin, including natural oils. Here are just a few products to consider:

Ferulic Acid Serum: One of timelesha.com’s timeless anti-aging serums, this serum is rich in a variety of products to help avoid aging, keep skin hydrated, and helps to maintain natural oils. Vitamin E helps promote the production of natural oils. This particular serum is best for individuals who suffer from dry skin, or who are traveling to a dry climate.


Squalene 100% Pure Refill 8 oz: Squalene can be found in humans and several other animals and plant species. In humans, squalene is produced as part of sebum, which is a compound produced by a type of excretory glands found in humans. Squalene keeps your skin looking young and healthy, but aging glands cannot produce as much of this natural oil as your skin requires. The squalene in timelessha.com is derived from plants, not animals, which makes this product good for the environment as well as for your skin.

Argan Oil: This natural oil keeps skin looking young by moisturizing, conditioning, and repairing your skin. Argan oil is also great for your hair and nails. Derived from the nut of the Argan Tree, this oil is gentle, yet powerful enough to use on anywhere on your body- from your heels to your lips.

Aging skin needs a little bit of extra help. Keep your skin looking young with these natural oils, as well as other active ingredients that can be found in serums and natural skin care products.


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