Ah Canada! Why Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts Will Be In Their Element

Not everyone wants to sit around and relax when it comes to traveling! In fact, some people love the thrill of jumping on a jet ski or going on a hike in some of the world’s top destinations. One place you should consider going to if you do love outdoor sports is Canada. The beautiful country with its amazing lakes, mountainous areas, and national parks is perfect for thrill seekers. In fact, here is why outdoor sports enthusiasts will be in their element if they visit Canada.

You can bike in the super-friendly Route Verte in Quebec

If biking is your thing, you will be in your element in Canada. After all, you can pedal away while soaking in the gorgeous views. People say it’s the best place in the world to bike with amazing views and great routes. One area you should head to in Canada is Quebec. The beautiful city is known for being one of the best bike-friendly areas of the country with over 5,000km of trails. And as discussed in the article, Route Verde in Quebec has been named as one of the best trails in the world. Not only is it well marked, but it takes you on a route which will ensure you see amazing sights such as St. Lawrence River. If you don’t want to take your bike on the plane, you can hire one while you are out there for the duration of your trip. And remember to take your camera so that you can stop and take photos while you are on the route.

Man Skiing Winter Sports Canada Winter Whistler

You can go skiing all year round at Mont-Tremblant  

When it comes to skiing, Canada is one of the best places to do it in the whole world. With so many options of slopes, you are bound to be in your element when you get on your skis. And unlike other areas which you have to just visit in winter, there are certain places in Canada where you can go and enjoy the sport all year round. One place which is definitely worth your time is Mont-Tremblant. The ski resort which is opened all year is situated on the shores of Lake Tremblant. And is well-known for its fantastic slopes where you can do a spot of skiing. You will find instructors a plenty if you are a beginner at skiing. And in the evenings, you can relax in one of the many hotels in the resort. You can easily look online for hotel Mont Tremblant to find one that takes your fancy!

You Will love white water rafting on the scenic Kananaskis River

One water sport which fulfills thrill seekers needs is white water rafting. After all, it’s so fun sliding down the water at a top speed. And if you want to enjoy the views at the same time, Canada is the place to go for this outdoor sport. One place in particular which will be fantastic for some white water rafting is the Kananaskis River. Situated near Calgary, the river is perfect with picturesque landscapes. And you will have a fantastic day if you sign up to take part in the outdoor sport while you are here. Many groups are willing to take individuals or family for an experience of a lifetime. Just make sure you keep your wits about you as it can be nerve wracking the first time!

You can buckle up for some horse riding in Yukon

So many people love to do a spot of horse riding while they are in a different country. After all, there’s nothing better than taking in the area while riding a beautiful horse. And Canada has plenty of opportunities to take part in some adventurous horse riding. One place you should head to is Yukon. The small area is wild and mountainous, perfect for some horseback riding. And you can explore areas like Fox Lake and Lake Laberge while on the horse. There are many groups which organize a day of riding, or even a few days if you fancy a trip across the beautiful recreation trails!

You can head to fishing hot spot Nova Scotia to make a catch

You might be surprised how many people love to do fishing while they are on their hols. In fact, some people go traveling for a specific fishing holiday. And if you are looking for somewhere that you can get a good catch, Canada should be on your radar. After all, there are a ton of lakes and streams where you can do some fishing. And as this feature reveals, over three million people fish in the country every year in an attempt to catch one of the many 200 different species of fish. One place you should go to is Nova Scotia which has peaceful streams where you can do some fly fishing. In fact, you will find fish like salmon and trout situated here.

You can go to one of the National Park in Banff for some hiking

You have endless choice if you fancy doing some hiking while you are in Canada. In fact, there are so many scenic places which you will love in the country. One place which is amazing for some hiking is the National Park in Banff. The oldest park in Canada, millions visit every year to see amazing sights such as Lake Louise and the incredible peaks. And it’s perfect to do some hiking if you want to see more of the beautiful sights. You can either head on your own, or there are many hiking groups that you can join so you don’t miss out.

You can practice your surf skills on the Long Beach

When it comes to surfing and Canada, you wouldn’t think the two would go hand in hand. But if you want to catch some waves, it is the perfect place to go to in the summer. In fact, you should head to the Long Beach which is one of the most popular surfing locations. The beach has a consistent surf so you can catch some waves if you head to the beach. And there are a wealth of instructors who will show you the ropes if you are a beginner!

And don’t forget to have a go at some canoeing in the Canadian Rockies if you fancy something unique.


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