Why Showing Off To Your Friends Can Damage Your Health

While some peer pressure in life can be good for you, it can often have a negative impact on your life. In fact, you could end up in dangerous situations and in bad health if you do follow others. But so many of us try to follow our ‘friends’ to help us fit in with a particular group of people. And it doesn’t just stop after you have left the school gates; peer pressure can continue into your adult life. After all, we have all done or said something to try and look better in front of our boss and work colleagues. But if you are not yourself, it can lead you to be miserable in your life. And it could jeopardize your health in the long-run. In fact, here is how showing off to your friends can damage your health and what to do to stop it affecting you.

You might end up drinking far too much

You would be surprised how many people admit to feeling pushed into having a drink when they really didn’t want to. Their friends encouraged them to drink up, and they felt like they had to do it to show off to their mates. In fact, this behavior can be common when you are at college for the first time. After all, so many students have a good few drinks during the freshers week. And if they refuse to go out with everyone else, they may end up just staying in their dorm. And they feel like they will never make friends. Also, it’s not just university where this occurs. You might have one too many when you go out with the new group of people at your workplace. If they are big drinkers, you might feel like you need to drink more to show off to your new colleagues. But in both these situations, if you start drinking too much, it could end up having a significant effect on your health. In fact, you can read my previous blog for signs you are drinking too much. And the worst thing about it is your liver could get ruined down to something you don’t even like doing. Therefore, next time you feel like you have to drink, be honest and say you don’t fancy it. Opt for a non-alcoholic drink, and if they are nice, they will hopefully accept it and move on. And if your winning personality when you are not drunk doesn’t float their boat, it’s better to move on and make some different friends!


You might end up becoming a regular smoker

So many people admit to socially smoking while on a night out with friends. Their buddies light up a cigarette, so they feel like they have to as well. After all, they want to fit in with their friends. But if you do start smoking socially, it might become more of a regular occurrence. After all, people often get hooked once they start smoking nicotine. And then you might start needing that feeling several times a day. But the more you smoke, the more damage you might do to your lungs. And then you could end up with breathing difficulties in your life. And not only this but if you are a regular smoker, you could end up being at high risk of heart disease and lung cancer. Therefore, attempt to give up the cigarettes for the sake of your health. You might want to switch to vapor for a start which removes the nicotine element. In fact, you can look online to find products from O2Vape and other companies to get you started. And when you are out with your friends, say no to that cigarette. If they are real friends, they will understand it’s not something you want to do anymore. And if they don’t understand, stop trying to impress them and find friends who like you for who you are!

You could end up taking drugs

You might be surprised to know that a high proportion of people who end up taking drugs do it through peer pressure. Their group of friends does it on a night out, and they feel like they have to join in. Or they decide to take the drugs to show off to their buddies. But if you do take drugs, you are taking a risk with your life. After all, it can only take the once to end up harming your body. And some people even pass away after taking drugs for the first time. Not only this but taking it once can end up causing you to get addicted to the rush. And then you might become a regular drug abuser. You then might end up damaging your organs, and you could get seriously ill. Therefore, to stop this occurring, you need to say ‘no’ on a night out. It can be hard, but it’s worth it to stop you playing dice with your life.

You might end up going home with the wrong person

A lot of people will admit they have ended up having a one night stand with someone due to peer pressure from their friends. They felt forced into making a move on someone that they didn’t particularly like. But if you do end up going back with someone you don’t really know, you could end up putting your sexual health in jeopardy. After all, you could easily catch a sexual disease from the other person. And it’s not the best conversation starter if you barely know each other. Therefore, always be careful about who you take the next step with. And never feel pressured into going with someone you don’t know. If you do have a one night stand with someone you don’t know, it’s worth going to get checked over to be safe. After all, a lot of the conditions like chlamydia have no symptoms. But could harm your long-term health, so always get checked out.

You could end up getting into a car accident

When it comes to driving, you have to be so careful for the sake of your health and others. After all, it is a dangerous vehicle which can cause harm if not driven correctly. But a lot of people might make silly errors to impress their friends. For example, they might drive too fast on the road with others in the car. Or they might even go behind the wheel after consuming alcoholic beverages. But not only could you and your passengers’ lives be in jeopardy, but other families around you could be too. Therefore, always drive safely in front of your friends. And find other transport if you have drunk too much. Even if your friends ask you, stay firm for the sake of your future. After all, you will be the one in prison if you get caught or end up in an accident!

You could end up at risk of an eating disorder

In the modern world, more people than ever are concerned about their appearance. After all, the pressures of the online world can make people want to look their best when they are posting selfies online. And it’s common for people to feel like they need to attempt to lose weight to keep up with their friends. After all, if they do become skinny, they can show off to their friends about their new figure. But this pressure is unfortunately, causing a lot of youngsters to end up with an eating disorder. After all, they may feel they need to stop eating entirely or even be sick to lose weight. And as you will know, this can damage your health. In fact, so many people end up in the hospital with an eating disorder. Therefore, it’s so important that you remember that everybody is different. And as long as you are eating healthy, you shouldn’t need to worry about dieting. And remember those ‘perfect’ celeb bodies you see online have often been photoshopped. In fact, some celebrities even fight the photoshopped pictures as they know how influential they are to young people. Therefore, try and love your body and don’t feel the need to show off to your friends.

You could end up talking to a stranger who puts health in danger

A lot of people feel the pressure to find a partner in the modern world. And they often join dating sites and speak to people they don’t know. After all, they can then tell their friends about it. And as so many others are on formats like Tinder, they feel the pressure to join in. But you need to be so careful about who you are talking to online. After all, they could end up being a totally different person who could put your health in danger. Therefore, make sure you are careful if you are going to talk to strangers online. And never feel forced to do so, just because your friends are dating online.

And constantly trying to show off your friends could end up having an effect on your mental health. After all, it’s not healthy to have to try and impress your friends all the time. They should like you for you. And if they don’t, it’s time to cut them out of your life. And find buddies that make you feel happy and fulfilled instead.


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