Work In An Office? Don’t Let Your Health Suffer

Working in an office every day can lead to bad habits being formed, and can also have quite a big detrimental effect on your health. This is especially true if you work in an office with a big number of employees. Take, for instance, if someone arrives to work feeling under the weather or if they arrive at the office with the early symptoms of flu. The chances are that their germs will be passed on to other people – through sneezing, coughing and even touching doors, computers or buttons (such as an elevator). It can be hard to manage to stay healthy all the time when you work in an office, such is the magnitude of the development of illness when there are lots of people in the same room.


Aside from illness, an office also brings lots of potential health hazards such as tripping over objects that have been left on the floor, a sore back and neck from being sat in a chair all day, looking at a computer screen, and you can also develop sufficient problems with your fingers and hands from typing at a keyboard all day long. Some business are now using different means of office work to ensure employees are comfortable and their health does not suffer – such as allowing employees to work from home, purchasing comfortable chairs and also allowing employees to stand up and work or work in a more comfortable space in the building.

However, you should always look after your health when working in an office because it is quite common for health risks and problems to routinely pop up. For example, if you sit an uncomfortable chair which does not fit with your height and weight, ask your boss for a different chair and outline all the impacts it will have on your working day. An uncomfortable chair can lead to back pain, neck pain and can often lead to expensive appointments with a chiropractor.

If your computer screen is old and is not of the best quality, this can affect the quality of your eyesight. In this case, it may lead to you squinting at the computer screen and can lead to eye problems. If you are having issues with your eyesight, it is worth going through with some research on what the problem could be, on websites such as You could also go and see your GP and explain any issue.

Hand tendons can also suffer negatively from working in an office. The likelihood is that you are typing away all day, and this can diminish the strength of your hand muscles. Our hands are very important to our lives, so to ensure you do not suffer from any potential issues, make sure you are sat comfortably, your keyboard is in good working order and is within reach so you are not constantly stretching.

As with any health problems, it is important to look up the symptoms and solve the issues immediately. Look after your health – it’s vital.

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