You’re Damaging More Than Your Dignity By Over-Drinking

It’s no secret that consuming too much alcohol can damage your health. That doesn’t mean it’s inherently bad, but, like most things, it does mean you should consume it in moderation. Everybody’s physical makeup is different, and some people might not feel the effects of several pints of alcohol if they live an otherwise-healthy lifestyle and have quite a substantial build, but others could be doing hidden damage to themselves, even if they don’t notice it.

We all love to drink alcohol, and cutting out all the things we love out of our life isn’t the answer to being healthy. In fact, if you allowed yourself no treats in life, your mental health might suffer instead and you’d be back to square one. No, the point I’m trying to make is that we all have a tendency to over-consume the things we love. Whether that’s food, alcohol, cigarettes or even video games, sometimes moderation is needed.

If you want to know why alcohol might be doing hidden damage to you and how you can work towards overcoming your desire to drink so much, then here some helpful facts and pieces of advice.


You’re overworking your body.

You’ve likely heard a lot about the ways in which alcohol damages the liver, but what most people fail to realise is that you’re actually putting strain on the vast majority of organs and processes taking place within your body every time you drink. Whilst your body prioritises getting the fluid out of your system, it neglects other important processes and weakens the immune system.

Your body becomes more susceptible to infection, and you’re likely to become unwell more often and more easily, should you be a heavy and frequent drinker. Of course, in moderation, drinking will bring such negative effects rarely. A more serious infection resulting from over-drinking is Hepatitis C. If you’re wondering “how much does interferon cost?”, the answer is not as much as the damaging bodily effects of this horrible liver-based virus.


The possibility of cancer.

Whilst many people are aware of the damage they can do to their liver through drinking, as I discussed above, slightly fewer people are away of the potential risk that they might develop cancer through excessive alcohol consumption. Mouth, liver and throat cancer risks greatly increase when you’re consuming large amounts of alcohol, and this is far more likely to happen when you’ve drunk largely amounts for a constant and consistent amount of time.

If you’ve been struggling to get over a possible addiction to liquor, the health threats which come with such a heavy amount of drinking might hopefully persuade you to seek help from family, friends and medical professionals. People care about you, and you’re hurting them when you hurt yourself.

Alcohol consumption can actually worsen sleep.

Whether you think you have a problem or not, this is a helpful piece of advice for anybody drinking alcohol. Yes, after a long night in town you might collapse on your bed and fall asleep instantly, but the alcohol didn’t help with that. In fact, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to a long-standing problem with insomnia.

As I’ve said, moderation is the key here. It’s okay to drink, but if you think you have a problem, I’ve listed some of the reasons it could be damaging more than just your liver or your pride, when you embarrass friends in the pub. In small doses, alcohol can actually have some health benefits, so maybe think about limiting yourself to the odd drink here and there; turn some negatives into positives.

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