Develop An App Your Customers Will Love!

One of the biggest marketing shifts to occur in the past decade has been the rising prevalence of business websites. While these used to be something of a gimmick, they’re now a necessity, with the sheer amount of consumers who go to Google before anything else to find a business. Today, apps are the next big necessity for businesses of all niches and sizes. If you’re throwing around ideas for your first app, here’s some tips to bear in mind…

Keep Things Simple, But Not Template

Obviously, you’re going to want your business’s app to be a commercial success. There are a lot of things that can go into this, but one of the most crucial is how well it stands out from the crowd. However, a lot of business owners have gone about designing an app with the primary aim of making it unique, and ended up oversaturating it with gimmicky, unnecessary features. You need to find a good middle-ground between a simple, user-friendly design, and an app that’s got enough features to set it apart from its competitors. This is a pretty delicate balancing act, and the easiest way to accomplish it is outsourcing it to companies such as . An in-house job is certainly possible, but it won’t always be easy!


Price it Wisely

Just like any product, the price you set for your mobile app is going to have a massive impact on how popular it is, and therefore how much it’s going to do for your business. A free app is going to be attractive for obvious reasons. However, after all the money you’ve sunk into the graphic design, the coding and software development, marketing and so on, giving your app away may not be the most cost-effective move. The price you set for your app should depend largely on the function, and therefore the value it offers to your customers, as well as the amount you’ve invested in developing it. With your current forecasts, try to price it so that you can recover your investment in one to two years.

Make Sure It’s Fast

Here, we have another way in which mobile apps are a lot like business websites. We live in a time where everyone’s been pretty spoiled by the power of modern technology. How long are you happy to wait for a web page to load up? I bet you can’t even answer that; web pages are just there unless someone’s knocked a cable out of the router, right? Just as slow loading times will cause a lot of potential leads to leave your website, a slow-performing app will not only convince people to delete your app, but may even stir up resentment for your brand as a whole! Check out some successful apps with a similar number of features, and use them as a guide for setting a target for your loading times. You should also be trying to keep its download time under 5 seconds. After each tweak, make sure you’re testing every little page and feature of the app!


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