3 Things You Need For The Perfect Camping Trip

Camping is an experience for those who want to truly see nature for what it is, with minor comforts and without the confusing noise of the busy concrete world which surrounds us. Of course, knowing a few survival techniques and simply possessing a deep love for the greenery of the natural world isn’t quite everything you need to create the perfect camping trip.


  • A good tent

That sounds a bit obvious, doesn’t it? Well, I can tell you from experience that I’ve been in your position before. When you’re overly keen for a camping trip, it’s easy to remember all the technical stuff, but forget to check the most basic things. You might dismiss the importance of a sturdy tent, and think yours will do fine, but you need to consider whether its size is appropriate to store you, friends, family and any supplies for the length of your trip. You also need to consider whether or not it is waterproof, because it is all too easy to think one layer is enough to keep you safe from the elements. Ensure you have some form of secondary netting or cover.

  • Extra storage

You’re going to get dirty or wet clothes at some point during your trip. If you don’t, you’re a miracle worker, but let’s not jump into camping based on that premise. In all likelihood, you’ll have to leave your boots somewhere to dry off at some point, and it isn’t a great idea to keep all your damp clothes in the tent with you; you’ll find that cozy, confined area starts feeling damp and smelling bad rather quickly.

A designated drying area built in the entrance of your tent (a piece of waterproof material or covering should do) is the answer to this problem. You’ll keep your clothes or shoes sheltered from nature, but away from your sleeping and ‘dry clothes’ area.


  • Modern technology

Perhaps you’ve been camping before, or perhaps you’re brand new to it. Either way, there are things to learn; especially when it comes to modern technology. Perhaps the wind has been your mortal enemy on camping trips of the past, but the xlighter is one such example of windproof and waterproof technology that can ensure you have a way of lighting fires whatever the weather, with a strip of lighting paper or dry leaves.

If you are using the power of advanced technology to help you on your trip, then you’d better make sure you tech lasts for the duration of the trip. A solar-powered charger could do the trick nicely. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, because the sun shines all year round. No batteries or power plant needed.

Yes, winter is upon us, but should the world stop turning? If there’s something you want to be doing, you should just do it, no matter the time of year. Despite what you may be thinking, camping really is no different. Bitterly cold winds and icy landscapes shouldn’t deter you, but rather encourage you to embrace nature and the wild in a whole new light.

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