Why I can’t wait to visit Barcelona

Now that I’m based in Europe, I have a list of cities that I simply can’t wait to visit. Top of the list is Barcelona, and it’s a city I’ve been wanting to visit for years.

Firstly, the weather is incredible. Even in winter, the coldest it usually gets is around 10ºC, while the hottest it gets in August is around 29º. This is perfect as far as I’m concerned, and I’m definitely looking forward to a summer weekend in Barcelona.

I grew up near the beach, and it’s something that I really miss. There’s just something weird about being landlocked, and I often find myself wishing for the sand between my toes. Barcelona is located right on the coast of Spain, and with multiple beaches to choose from, I’ll be spoiled for choice.

The culture is another thing that really attracts  me to Barcelona. Here, you can constantly find cultural and artistic exhibitions throughout the city, and there are lots of museums and art galleries in Barcelona like the Picasso Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona, and more.


And who could forget the food? The Catalan food is heavily based on the Mediterranean style of eating, meaning lots of bread, olive oil, cereals, and vegetables. I personally love seafood, so I can’t wait to eat up a storm in Barcelona, and I plan to try different tapas all over the city.

I don’t party often, but when I do I like to let loose. Barcelona is the kind of city where something is going on, and many people say it never sleeps. When I go clubbing I like to go out late and leave around 5 or 6am, which makes Barcelona my kind of city.

I’m also desperate to update my wardrobe, and with the famous Zara being a Spanish favourite, I can’t wait to see what else the city has to offer. Barcelona is known for its independent boutiques, which is great for people who want something a little more unique. I have a wedding to go to in December, and I need a dress that will flatter me without making me look like everyone else- it seems that Barcelona is the perfect place to go.

I also want to visit La Sagrada Familia, which attracts more than 3 million visitors annually. This cathedral has been under construction for more than 100 years, and it’s definitely a site to see.

My recent international flights have encouraged me to make life much easier when I travel. No longer will I arrive in a destination with no idea how I’m getting to my hotel, and I’m also done with long stopovers in different airports- I now just suck it up and pay for a hotel for the night.

When I arrive in Barcelona, I plan to use Blacklane transfers, so I’ll have someone waiting to get me after a long flight and I can get straight to my hotel and freshen up.

Have you been to Barcelona? Let me know in the comments below.

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