The Most Economical Luxury Car

Economical drivers often dream of luxury cars. Luxury usually means high sticker price and not so great gas mileage. Add a lot of luxurious bells and whistles that make your package choice skyrocket, and luxury becomes an unrealistic choice for some car buyers. What if you could combine the best of both worlds and get a great car or SUV at a great price, with excellent fuel economy? Sounds too good to be true, but we’ve got some amazing cars just for those who love to save on a luxurious drive. Check out these economical, luxury cars and


Luxury Meets Fuel Economy

When it comes to buying luxury without the high price tag, you might just fall head over heels for the Lexus NX 200t Hybrid. This luxury SUV comes loaded with a lot of cool standard features, but if you feel you need a little something more there are plenty of upgrade options. The Lexus NX 200t also boasts of a roomy backseat and great fuel economy at 25 mpg. Not too bad for luxury meets economy, and wait til’ you see the price tag. The Lexus NX 200t is one very affordable car.


Another luxury sedan with killer gas mileage is the 2017 Audi A4. This next generation, luxury vehicle gets you a whopping 31 miles per gallon. With it’s newly added safety features, you won’t be afraid to hit the open road in an Audi A4.


Go Sporty With Economical Luxury

Looking for a luxury car under $50,000? The 2018 Jaguar XE might just be the car for you. Luxurious and economical, this beautiful car will get your motor running. With all wheel drive and 28 mpg, Jaguar really outdid themselves with this sporty car. You can go zero to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds with the XE diesel fueled engine, and with this car’s sleek style no one will know it’s luxury meets economy.

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