Do You Have Secret Savings?

Do you have secret savings that you haven’t told your partner about? If you do, you’re not alone. Over 41% of people in a recent study admitted to having secret savings their partners have no idea about. The main reasoning for having their own savings hid away is because they like to be independent. However, a surprising number of people suggested they keep a separate hidden savings account because their partner is terrible at saving. While I’m not here to comment on people’s motivations for savings or whether they should be keeping large sums of money secret from their partner, it’s interesting to see many people are putting money away for a rainy day.

Over 25% of those people studied are putting money away for a holiday, which is one of my favourite reasons to save. But what other motivations might people have for saving, especially away from their partners eyes? In case of a breakup! recently performed a poll and found out that on average, adults feel they would require £22,748 in emergency savings just in case their relationship fell apart. That’s a lot of money and chances are you do not have that set aside in case things go pear shaped. Hopefully you’ll never be in that situation, but if you are it would be much better to be properly prepared.
What’s a good way to minimise the chance of a break up? Consider taking a holiday without your partner, either with friends or solo. It will give you both some much needed space and an opportunity to miss each other. It’s also a much better way to use your savings than on covering the expenses of a breakup. Of course, take the time to discuss your ideas with your partner before you book anything, but who really needs an excuse to lock in a nice summer holiday?

For more information about secret savers, check out the infographic by below:
Secret-savers (2)

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