Warning! Your Business Is Being Hacked Right Now

Now you might think that this is a false threat and it could be. Or, it could be closer to the truth than you would like to imagine. These days, a break-in should not be the greatest security concern for a business owner. Instead, they need to spend more time worrying about a digital attack on their business. Why is this?

They’re Targeting Your Customers, Not You

Yes, if you are hit by a cyber attack, there’s quite a big chance, they won’t go after you. Instead, they’ll use the information that they steal from your servers to go after customers. There’s a simple reason for this. Business owners will notice if large amounts of money start flooding out of their accounts. Customers often take awhile before they realize that they are a victim of cyber fraud.


Anti-Virus Software Isn’t Enough

You might think that if you have anti-virus software, you’re protected from the biggest security threats. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. In many instances, an anti-virus software won’t even be able to stop a virus. If you ran a virus check on your system right now, it might come back with no issue found. But there could still be a trojan virus on your system that has managed to escape detection.

It’s Remarkably Easy For Hackers To Find A Weak Spot

You might think that hackers can’t take down your business. But bigger companies than yours have had issues with them. Every major social network and news site has at some point been hit by a hack. You can see this clearly in the following infographic. That’s why you need to make sure you have the best security measures in place for your business.

Infographic Produced By Red Stag Fulfillment


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