Taking The Risks Out Of Travelling

Nobody wants to save for months, count down the days, and then spend a holiday holed up in hospital. Travelling carries risks, but there are usually ways of staying safe abroad. Of course, it’s not possible to prevent every accident. But these tips should help you to reduce your risk of coming unstuck when you’re overseas.


The importance of travel insurance

Travel insurance should be an essential consideration for every traveller. It should be up there on your list with checking that your passport is in date and filling out visa forms. Travel insurance provides medical cover while you’re away. Most policies also include flight delays and cancellations, lost luggage, and accidents. If you don’t have insurance, and something happens, you’ll be liable for the cost. If you’re involved in a serious accident, you’re likely to be greeted with a large bill. You may need assistance from air ambulance services or a major operation, for example. Recovery could take weeks, even months. If you’ve got insurance, there’s every chance that the majority of costs would be covered. In most cases, it takes minutes to fill in a form. You can compare prices and policies online, and get instant confirmation. If you’re wondering whether or not to bother with insurance, don’t take unnecessary risks. Hopefully, you won’t need to make a claim. But none of us know what’s around the corner.

Using your common sense

When you’re away, for some reason, you may take risks you’d never take at home. Being on holiday can give you a false sense of security. Your common sense is incredibly valuable, so make sure you use it. Don’t eat or drink things you’d never go near at home. Don’t walk around at night by yourself, or carry large sums of cash on your person. It’s good to have trust in people. But be wise to scams. As a tourist, you may be seen as an easy target. Never part with cash or your personal details. Use reputable firms when booking hotels, transfers, and excursions. Drive to the speed limit, even if everybody else is zooming past you.

Packing tips

You’re more likely to be involved in an accident if you haven’t got the right gear with you. If you’re going on a hiking holiday, for example, make sure you’ve got suitable shoes. You’ll also need plenty of layers, a first aid kit, and a torch. If you’re planning to camp out, take a map and compass with you, and stock up on snacks and bottled water. Always consider the location and the type of holiday when you’re packing.

Travelling offers such valuable opportunities to learn more about yourself, and enjoy incredible experiences. Sometimes, travel and taking risks are inherently linked. However, there are often steps you can take to try and make travelling safer. Always take out travel insurance before you travel, even if you’re only going away for a weekend. Use your common sense and intuition, and make sure you’ve got suitable clothing and equipment with you.

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