5 Things to See in Central America

Mysterious and mystical, Central America gathers tourists from all over the world, attracted by its beauty, its uniqueness and its budget-friendly destinations. Truth be told, this part of the world poses its own (and very special) type of flavor that will stick to your memory like nothing else ever will – so experiencing Central America is something you will really, really love doing.

What are some of the most attractive places to visit while here? Read on and find out more.

Panama City

Maybe not as budget-friendly as many of the other locations in Central America, Panama City is unique for its cosmopolitan vibe and for its exit to some of the world’s most stunning wonders. This is a city you will love with all your heart and which will absorb you with its high energy, its constant moving and its dash of complete uniqueness that makes it like no other big city in the whole wide world.

Monteverde & Santa Elena

Located in Costa Rica, Monteverde & Santa Elena is the pure example of how man’s willpower can save a place. If 20 years ago this location attracted tourists due to an amazing National Geographic feature, these days it attracts tourists because it is the living proof that environmentally-friendly energy and farming can coexist and that man does not have to ruin everything around him to live a comfortable and modern life. More than worth visiting!

Ruta des Flores

Fotos Ruta del Almendro en flor 2012 en Gran Canaria_by_El Coleccionista de Instantes Fotografía & Video

Want to experience Central American high life with mellow afternoons and beautiful galleries? Or maybe to do some mountain biking and hiking? Ruta des Flores is located in El Salvador and it can offer you all this – plus a world-famous festival dedicated entirely to the most delicious foods ever. Now, if that’s not really relaxing and a truly unforgettable experience, we honestly don’t know what is!

The Hummingbird Highway

Hummingbird Springs Wilderness_by_Bureau of Land Management

This is the kind of place that seems torn out of a stunning postcard. Beautiful and haunting every single step of the way, this location in Belize  will provide you with all the marvelous, picture-perfect landscapes you have always dreamed of. The amazing skies, the beautiful lands and the complete sense of peaceful retreat and beautiful Mother Nature exploding with happiness – these are just some of the ingredients that go into the Hummingbird Highway mix, so it’s honestly impossible not to love it here.


Guatemala-1621 - Temple of the Great Jaguar_by_Dennis Jarvis

Not even by far the last on this list, Tikal is probably one of the most famous places in Central America – and not without reason, of course. Marvelous, magnificent and truly mysterious, this Guatemalan attraction will be recognized even by someone who is not very much into travelling. The high temples, the beautiful stories, the people, the narrow villages, the history, the unanswered questions that have been hovering above this place for so much time – there’s nothing not to love about Tikal and its Mayan ancestry. You will love every single second of the peace this place offers!

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