Best Budget Cities in Europe

Although travelling to Europe is frequently seen as an expensive experience, the absolute truth is that it doesn’t have to be so. Year after year, backpackers from all over the world discover and rediscover the Old Continent on a low-budget – and if they can do it, you can do it too.

Aside from thorough planning ahead and aside from being generally cautious with your finances when travelling, choosing the right destination is also very important if you want to see Europe on a dime. What are some of the best budget cities in Europe? We have gathered a few of them right below – so read on if you need some inspiration.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Frequently left aside from the European tour (mostly due to its association with a less safe European area), Bulgaria is one of the most interesting places you will see on the entire Old Continent. It blends Slavic culture with a history under the Ottoman Empire, it brings on your table foods you will absolutely love (and yes, they are also inspired by the delicious Turkish cuisine) and it will put you in front of some really amazing attractions – including a very nice exit to the Black Sea and some very beautiful beaches.

All of this can be yours for a tight budget as well. In general, prices in Bulgaria are much lower than in Western Europe and services are great precisely because the country is focused on attracting as many tourists as possible – so it’s more than worth giving Sofia, its capital city, a good try.

Budapest, Hungary

Buda Castle and Danube, Budapest, Hungary by Night_by_Costel Slincu

Also located somewhat borderline between Western and Eastern Europe, but much more influenced by the Austrian Empire and its culture, Budapest “sports” some pretty amazing architecture and a cuisine that’s absolutely delicious (especially if you like spicy foods). Aside from that, Budapest and the surrounding areas will provide you with plenty of attractions not to get bored for the entire holiday and it will also provide you with prices that are more than decent – so if you are a budget traveller passing through Europe, you will definitely love this place.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland_by_Douglas Pfeiffer Cardoso

For some of you, it might sound odd to see a very Western European location in a budget-friendly list of destinations. However, the truth is that Dublin can be experienced on a tighter budget as well – and it’s a true delight to see how life and culture have been affected on the other side of the UK borders. If you’re a big James Joyce fan or if you have simply always wanted to get to know the Irish culture”at home”, Dublin is a must-see destination in your European tour.

These are just some of the most budget-friendly cities in Europe – but there are many others as well. In the end, even the most expensive cities can be seen on a tight budget if you pay attention to your planning, your accommodation and your overall spending while visiting that location – so don’t allow your limited finances to stop you from seeing what Europe has best!

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