Best Family Destinations to Escape the Cold

Now that the cooler weather has begun to set in, you may be dreaming of beautiful beaches and relaxing in the sunshine while reading a book. This may feel like a faraway dream, but the truth is with some smart saving and clever planning, you can be jetting off on a wonderful family holiday to a warm destination. Here are my top picks for the best family destinations to escape the cold this winter:

1. The Canary Islands
You have a few options when visiting the canary islands: you can take a flight there and plan your own holiday. But if you’re like me and crave holidays that feel relaxing, then you may want to consider a cruise in the Canary Islands. This has the added benefit of having accommodation included with a general itinerary already made, so there’s no intensive planning required. If you’re traveling with children, and in particular young children, then you’ll find a cruise is maybe the easiest type of holiday you can enjoy with them. No packing and unpacking every few days, the children can settle into a room and maintain much of their normal rhythm. The Canary Islands offer so many things including gorgeous beaches, comfortable weather, delicious food and a fun holiday vibe.

2. Morocco
There’s something very different about Morocco: it’s an interesting fusion of a few different parts of the world. It’s a very photogenic country and during your trip to Morocco you’ll be able to get amazing photos of your children in unique places. One of the reasons that Morocco stands out as a great destination to travel with children is that while it feels very exotic, Morocco is only a very short flight from most of Europe, particularly Western Europe and a reasonable ferry ride from Spain. I personally find young children do better with as little travel as possible, so I think this is a great option to get that ‘far away’ feeling without spending days in transit!

3. Thailand
This is the furthermost option of the bunch if you’re located in Europe and you will spend a fair bit on plane tickets to get there, however, Thailand has some pretty impressive advantages over many destinations around the world. Thai people are incredibly friendly and love children, so don’t be surprised if they want to hold and entertain your young children while you enjoy a meal in a restaurant. The cost of living is relatively low in Thailand and you’ll find that it is a pretty inexpensive place to travel around. In much of Thailand you can indulge in an hour-long massage for $5-10 and delicious street food will set you back a couple of dollars, at most. Even though the cost of flights to Thailand can be expensive, especially with a family, once you’re there you will spend much less than in most other Western destinations. There’s great weather year-round and some of the best beaches in the world making it a welcome escape from the harsh winter weather.

These are my top picks for destinations to beat the cooler weather, do you have anywhere you think we need to add to this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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