Cross Country Adventures: How to Prepare for a Cross Country Road Trip

When you think of travelling, chances are the first image that comes to mind is flying to a destination of choice. These days, people tend to underestimate the relaxation and joy that comes from a nice, long road trip. Driving from coast-to-coast is not only a feat in and of itself, but the landscapes and sights that you come across are more beautiful than you might expect.

If you’re considering a cross country road trip, there are a number of things to do before you depart. Making sure your car is running seamlessly and planning stops ahead of time will let you get the most of your trip. Here are just a few of the key steps to take before you hit the road:

Clean Car Thoroughly

If you’re going to be spending a considerable amount of time in the car, you likely don’t want clutter and trash piled up around you. Before departing on your journey, do a full clean of the interior of your car to get rid of any debris, and consider an exterior wash as well.

Create Music Playlists Before Departure

Listening to the radio on long road trips can be a bit of a drag. All the advertisements, repeat songs, and lack of diversity can make for a mundane journey. Before you get on your way, Independent Traveler suggests you create a few music playlists that you can listen to on the road. Try categorizing these lists based on your preferences, and preload as many songs as you can. This way you’ll have a nice array of music to listen to when on the trip, and won’t have to worry about hearing the same old tunes repeatedly.

Make Sure Everything is Up-to-Date

Before your departure, it is crucial to make sure all your information and documentation is updated. This includes your driver’s license, car registration, and any lingering overdue tickets that might exist. In case of any incidents, having a comprehensive car insurance policy is a must. Talk to your agent about any special policies you should buy before departing, and compare auto insurance rates to ensure you’re getting the best price.

Service Your Car

Although keeping your car serviced and well-maintained should be a regular habit, it is ten times more important when considering a road trip. If you’re driving cross country, you’ll likely be putting 2,000 plus miles on the car, which means just about everything should be replaced or tuned. This includes your tires, brakes, oil changes, and making sure the vehicle is in the right condition for the trip.

Book Hotels in Advance

Planning for road trips can sometimes be difficult, especially due to random stops and delays that can occur. Mapping out your trip beforehand is a necessary step, and perhaps even more important: booking your hotel accommodations before departing. The reality is that you never know when all the hotels in an area may be fully booked, and the last thing you want after a long day’s drive is to circle around for hours looking for a vacancy.

Taking a cross country road trip is something everyone should consider at least once in their lives. Being able to see the array of landscapes and take in the sights in our own backyards is an exciting and relaxing experience. Before setting out on your journey, however, it is necessary to take certain measures to ensure your trip is as enjoyable as possible. Things like planning ahead of time, fully servicing your car, and updating any documentation will ensure a smooth and seamless cross country trek.

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