Flying Solo? Cut The Cost Of Living Alone

While there are a lot of good things about flying solo, and having a place to yourself, there are also various drawbacks in terms of your finances. When you don’t have anyone to help with the cost of keeping a roof over your head and food on the table, the financial burdens can swiftly add up. Here are a few quick fixes that will cut the cost of living by yourself…

Trim your Food Costs

Food is one expense that is totally non-negotiable, so looking for ways to save on it can do a lot to help the strain of living alone. One easy habit to get into is using more of your freezer space. Pretty much every supermarket targets family shoppers with a range of multi-buy discounts. Try taking advantage of these, and freezing any extra food which you can eat at a later date. YOu’d be surprised at the kinds of food that can be frozen. Milk, cheese, and a wide range of vegetables can all be frozen and defrosted with no impact to the taste. Simply planning your meals in advance and using this plan to itemise your shopping list is another good habit for minimising waste and staying as efficient as possible.


Reduce the Cost of Driving

Car costs are another big expense that are more or less a given for many people living by themselves. Petrol, insurance, maintenance and so on may seem like a massive burden, but there are various quick fixes that can make owning a car so much cheaper. Spending more time looking for companies that offer low cost auto insurance is a great place to start. If you’re already pretty confident you’ve got a good deal, another quick fix is adding a second person to your policy as a named driver, particularly if they’re older than you, and don’t have many black marks on their history as a driver. This person doesn’t actually have to drive your car, and adding them can take a big chunk off of your annual premium. Just make sure you’re only adding them as a named driver, and not as the main one. Finally, learn a little about basic car maintenance. This will help you jump on mechanical issues as soon as they pop up, and help you save a huge amount on repairs.

Be Green

There’s a huge emphasis on being green in modern culture, and this is one bandwagon you should really be jumping on. Even if it’s not to save the whales, being more energy efficient can save you a fortune! Simple things like keeping your fridge and freezer full up, avoiding leaving electrical things on standby, and insulating the loft can take a pretty big chunk off your monthly bills. One fix that’s becoming more and more popular is getting a smart thermostat. This will allow you to program your heating to come on and off as and when you use it, minimising waste and making your money go further. Why not check out some of the best smart thermostats now?


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