Hot Tips for Making a New Zealand Road Trip Affordable

New Zealand is not your usual budget destination – but, same as any other place in the world (yes, this includes even the most expensive cities out there), it can be “made” to be a lot more budget-oriented. How so? How to make a New Zealand road trip truly affordable and to see what this amazing place has to offer best?

We have gathered some of the best tips for you – so read on and find out more.


New Zealand people are world-famous for their amazing hospitality, so you could save a lot of money by sleeping on someone’s couch for a few days. Couchsurfing may sound like dangerous “activity” and it may sound like something your mom would definitely advise you not to do, but as long as you do it with your eyes wide open and as long as you stay at people whose reviews are great, chances are you are going to have a great experience.

Avoiding the High Costs

There are some things that cost more in New Zealand, so if you avoid those, you will be able to have a very nice trip even if you are on a tight budget. For example, certain types of supplies might cost more in the smaller towns, so you might have to stock up when you visit the larger cities. Also, eating out is generally expensive here, so make sure to prepare your own meals as often as possible.

Last, but definitely not least, please keep in mind that petrol may be one of the highest expenses you will have to meet (especially on a road trip), so it’s more than worth collecting discount vouchers and signing up for a discount card as well.

Relocation Car Rental

If you want to go on a road trip through New Zealand, but paying for a car rental is simply too expensive for your budget, you can consider the option of renting a relocation car. In general, they are much less expensive and they will provide you with the same type of benefits as long as you travel between major centers.

Find Your Balance

Some activities and products are simply more expensive in New Zealand – but others are cheaper. Try to find a balance between the two, so that you do not exceed your budget and you spend as much great time as possible while on your road trip.

Find your balance to experience what New Zealand has to offer best while sticking to a low-cost as well. It might take a bit of attention to detail and planning, but it will be more than worth it!


Want to extend your stay in New Zealand and make it a longer-term travel? Wwoofing is a great opportunity, then. Put simply, these are programs where you will receive accommodation and food in exchange for services in vineyards or in agriculture. Considering a large part of the country is focused on this precise sector of economy, you will find plenty of options when it comes to wwoofing.

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