How to Plan Business Trips Using a Travel Management System

Organising business travel can be a complicated and stressful process. Even with loads of comparison sites and apps at your finger tips, planning and booking can still take a long time and result in a mountain of different confirmation emails and tickets.

While some companies choose to outsource to a third-party travel management company, there is another option: travel management systems. By using a travel management system, you remain in the driver’s seat and it also makes organising business trips is a faster, more streamline process.

Here’s how you can plan a business trip using a travel management system.

Create Profiles

When manually booking online, you probably have to enter each person’s details every time they travel, which is both tedious and time consuming. However, with Statesman Travel‘s system, you can create a profile for each colleague, making repeated booking much faster.


Application Updates

If you’ve ever planned a business trip overseas, you may have had to deal with applications for passports and visas. Travel management systems help to take the hassle out of documentation, providing tracking so you can monitor how applications are progressing.

Preferences and Policies

When browsing through different websites for transport and hotels, you have to adjust each search to your preferences each time you book. However, a management system follows your preferences and requirements, ensuring everything is up to company standards every time.

Transport and Accommodation

No matter where you’re travelling from or going to, a travel management system makes booking your business trip easier. With thousands of hotels and transport options spanning the globe, planning business travel is faster and could even be cheaper, too.

Track Information

You’ve booked transport and accommodation for your employees, but how do you know if they have reached their destination safely? By utilising a travel management system, you can track the location of your employees in an instant, giving you peace of mind.

Analysis and Insight

In addition to making the booking process easier, travel management systems also analyse expenditure. This allows you to see where and how money has been spent, helping you to save money and budget for future business trips.

A travel management system can revolutionise the way you plan and approach business trips. It allows you to take advantage of profiles, preferences and tracking meaning it could make booking simpler, quicker and cheaper. As such, a travel management system may also help to free up time for core activities, making it a brilliant business tool.

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