How Your Driving Record Can Impact Travel Plans And How To Improve It

If you and your family are planning a cross-country trip in a car or RV, there’s a lot of planning involved. One of the first things to consider is transportation. If you’ve had issues in the past with a DUI or driving without valid insurance, you may be without your driver’s license or have a restricted license. This can make it difficult and in some cases impossible to gain auto insurance.

There are some alternatives available. Here are just a few ways to make your trip a successful one and to enjoy your entire travel experience, even if you have issues with your license and insurance.


Fulfill Driving Obligations

If you currently have your driver’s license suspended due to a past drunk driving or drug charge, it’s up to the judge in that jurisdiction to impose sentencing guidelines. Typically, a temporary suspension is enforced along with strict driving stipulations in order to regain your full, restriction-free driver’s license. In addition to fees and possibly probation, a special type of proof of insurance called SR-22 may be necessary.

SR-22 is a type of financial filing with your insurance company that is prepaid and coincides with your insurance to make your policy binder legal. It’s typically paid up to six months in advance and is often a more expensive policy than a typical insurance binder. This may be the only way to gain legal coverage on your automobile so that you can safely travel across state lines with a valid policy.

In addition to fulfilling your driving responsibility requirements set forth by the judge, having SR-22 in place on your insurance will allow you to drive your car legally. Find more SR-22 info here and learn more about pricing and other stipulations.

Combining Transportation Options

If your driver’s license is revoked or suspended, you will have to explore more travel options prior to leaving on your trip. If you can’t find another driver, consider combining travel options, including:

  • *Flying and using a taxi service
  • *Using bicycles for transportation upon arrival
  • *Take a cruise
  • *Travel by train

Once you arrive to your destination via plane, utilize local transportation service such as private driver or a public bus to commute through the city. Keep in mind that if you rent a vehicle, you’ll have to present your driver’s license. Your record will likely be accessed and if it shows a revocation or bad driving record, the rental company may not rent you a vehicle.

Seek Legal Counsel

Don’t let a bad driving choice from your past impact you for the rest of your life. If you are without your driver’s license and have tried to unsuccessfully get your driving privileges back, it may be time to seek legal counsel. Find a qualified attorney to speak with. At your first appointment he will examine your driving record and check the status of your license. He may advise you to:

  • *Pay off all fines and responsibility fees to the state
  • *Finish all requirements, including alcohol or drug classes set forth by the state for reinstatement
  • *Meet all of the terms and conditions of probation
  • *Find a resource for a low-cost or affordable SR-22 auto insurance policy

Your attorney may also represent you at a hearing for regaining your driver’s license or removing certain restrictions. Keep in mind that it’s more affordable to handle driver license issues now, rather than wait until you get caught without your license or valid insurance, and have to pay additional fees and fines.

Seek Help Now Rather Than Later

If you still have a problem with drugs or alcohol, get help now before you embark on your trip. Speak with a trained psychologist about different rehabilitative options. Some to consider include:

  • *Outpatient rehab
  • *Inpatient treatment facilities
  • *Sober living
  • *One-time counseling
  • *Alcoholic’s anonymous meetings

Getting a professional opinion is important. If you need inpatient rehab care, you’ll need to postpone your trip and seek medical care to get yourself healthy first. Any type of rehab counseling or treatment can also be used to show a judge or your probation officer that you’ve taken a positive step in seeking help for your addiction.

Whether you plan a cross country road trip or you only need to drive a short distance, make sure that if you get behind the wheel, you’re legal. Getting the proper car insurance will make it safer for you and other drivers when you hit the road.

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