Pricing up the perfect date around the world

Many couples try to treat themselves to a regular date night, as it allows them to spend quality time together amongst their busy schedules. Sometimes though, dates can be expensive and it can be hard to find a good location or venue on a budget.

If you decide to have a date night at home or when you’re on holiday, we’ve got some suggestions. Angelic Diamonds, retailers of stunning engagement rings, tell us more:

When in Rome

The city of Rome is well-known for its vast history and famous landmarks. Home to the Trevi Fountain where you can make a wish and the outstanding colosseum, it’s a place that should be on your bucket list.


Heading to a football game

Are you and your partner football fans? Attending an A.S Roma match could be a good choice for you. At the grand Stadio Olimpico, you can buy a ticket for €100 (£88.02). Just make sure you’re both football fans before you go, as it’ll be slightly awkward if one of you is bored when surrounded by screaming fans…

People watching

Although eating and drinking in Rome can be expensive, there are still plenty of things to do for free. Why don’t you head to one of the many chapels on soak up years’ worth of history? Once you’re done, you could take a stroll to one of the many cafes nearby so that you can sit and people watch to your heart’s content.

Classic date night

Fancying a classic date night in Rome? It won’t set you back too much financially. In Rome, you can expect to pay €21 (£18.48) for your taxi and €57 (£50.17) for your meal for two in one of Rome’s fine restaurants. To top it all off, you can spend €17 (£14.96) on two cinema tickets.

The English capital

The capital of the UK is a hub for good shops and quirky bars and restaurants. If you want to enjoy London properly, then you’ll need to know where to go. When it comes to dates in this city, the world really is your oyster.

Splashing out

If you fancy treating yourselves whilst in London, why not try afternoon tea at a prestigious London hotel? At £50 per person, you and your date could enjoy tea, scones and sandwiches at the prestigious Claridge’s Hotel, in Mayfair. If you are both enjoying the pleasures of luxury, then why not book a superior queen room at £690 a night?

Get cultural

There’s much more to London than fancy bars though. It’s also full of great museums where you can learn more about the cultural history of London.

You don’t have to pay to enjoy the museums either. The Natural History Museum, the National Portrait Gallery and Tate Modern are all free to enter — they are perfect options for cultural visits that’ll get those brain cells exercised. Once you’re bored of the museums, head over to Westminster Bridge to see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. This also isn’t too far from the Southbank, where you can pick up some delicious street food or take in the great views all around you.

Classic date night

For a classic date night in London, head to the movies in style. Leicester Square has hosted many film premieres over the years, with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood descending on its red carpet to see in the release of their new blockbuster. If you’re not on the guest-list, then why not take your date to the cinema for £23? If you get hungry, you can always get a meal including wine and dessert for £66. Don’t forget to hit the bars on your way out, where a pint will typically set you back £4.41, and a cocktail will cost £9 – not bad when you’re living it up in the capital!

The romance capital

We all know Paris as the city of love. Tourists come from far and wide to have a great time with their significant other, and this could be you too. Home to many of the world’s greatest writers and artists, Paris oozes chic everywhere you walk through its many streets.

Take it to the top

You can’t visit Paris without stepping foot in the Eiffel Tower. It’s even more special on Valentine’s Day. On this day, why not try booking in at 58 Tour Eiffel? It’ll cost you around €120 (£105.63) for each person, however, if you’d like a seat in the window to witness the spectacular views, then you can pay the extra €30 (£26.41) to really take your romance to dizzying heights!

Watching the pennies?

If you’re trying not to spend too much, why not explore the bridges of the city? As a symbol of their love for one another, many Parisians use padlocks and lock them to the Pont des Arts Bridge, throwing away the key into the water. The locks can be purchased for a couple of euros each, so it’s probably the cheapest date that you’ll go on. Be warned though, as Paris officials are urging couples to stop so that the bridges can be protected; instead, why not take the lock home as a reminder of that great date you had together.

Classic date night

For a simple dinner date, head over to one of the quainter restaurants in the city. There, a meal for two including wine and dessert will typically cost around €65 (£57.21). Afterwards, if you head over to the cinema, it’ll cost you €20(£17.60).

The Big Apple

If you’re dating in New York, anything can be fantastic!

A private ride

For something unforgettable, take you loved one on a ride they’ll never forget. A private helicopter tour of New York’s famous landmarks will set you back around $1,500 (£1,184.40), so you’ll need to get saving if this sounds like the ideal date for you! With unparalleled views of the Empire State Building, the Stature of Liberty and Central Park though, this is the perfect date to get your heart’s racing. Hold on tight!

Reliving the movies

For something less extravagant, why not retrace the steps of famous actors and actresses? Take a twilight walk around Central Park like Audrey Hepburn did in Breakfast at Tiffany’sto really set the mood for the evening. Or, if you’re feeling peckish, you could go to the restaurant featured in Where Harry Met Sally; you’ll be quoting lines from the film in no time!

Or, take a walk down to the financial district if you and your date want to feel part of the glamour and excitement of the Wolf of Wall Street. Just be careful, as it’s a jungle out there…

Classic date night

A relaxing night at the movies in New York would set you back $28 (£22.11). Perhaps a meal would complement this date nicely? Including wine and dessert, you can expect a meal for two to cost you $111 (£87.66). After that, the two of you could paint the town red in some of Manhattan’s best rooftop bars. A cocktail will likely cost $14 (£11.06) and a pint of lager around $7 (£5.53). Enjoy!


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