Tips For a Last Minute Christmas Getaway

Christmas really is right around the corner now, so if you fancy getting away this year you need to act fast! Maybe you’ve been waiting until the last minute to snag a great deal, or perhaps the hustle and bustle of the festive season has all got a little too much, and you want to get away instead. Here are some of the things you won’t want to forget.

Visas and Travel Authorisation

Many countries require visas to enter, don’t overlook this or you simply will not be permitted to enter. The process has been simplified in recent times; most people are able to apply online. For example, if you’re entering a European country you’ll need an ‘ETIAS’. You can search a site like this for ETIAS facts and more information. Other countries and continents will have different specifications. A last-minute getaway is always a rush so don’t forget this as it’s crucial.


Consider Vaccinations

Some places will require certain vaccinations for you to to be able to enter. Others will be advisable but not necessary, either way, this is something you will need to look into. With it being last minute and so close to Christmas you might struggle to get in with the doctor or vaccination clinic, in which case you may have to consider a destination. Before booking, be sure to look into this,

Secure Your Home

Burglaries are more frequent over the festive season, so if you’re leaving yours unattended for a period of time, then you’ll need to think about home safety. You probably won’t have time to have major works done such as having new alarm systems installed, but there are still things you can do. Purchase a couple of timer switches, and set these up so that lamps, tvs, and radios turn on and off at different times during the day. This will help to simulate the look of someone being at home and could put off a burglar who is scoping out your property. If you already have an alarm system, do a couple of home tests to make sure it’s in full working order. Cancel your milk and newspaper delivery so that they’re not building up on your doorstep and giving away the fact that noone is home. Finally, speak to a trusted friend or neighbor and ask them to keep an eye on your home.

Think About Christmas Gifts

If you’ve already purchased Christmas gifts, you might want to consider giving these out before you leave. Following on from home security, it just means there aren’t valuable presents in your home and is one less thing to worry about. Alternatively, you buy gifts while you’re away, or opt out of buying them all together since you won’t be around at Christmas anyway! Either way, it’s something to think about before you leave.

Will you be going on a Christmas or winter vacation this year?

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