What makes Coventry Unique?

Coventry, historically known as the birthplace of St. George, the patron saint of England, is now a bustling modern city which contains many interesting sights to behold. The magnificent Coventry Cathedral, the impressive art galleries and museums, and the place where Britain’s car manufacturing industry was founded, are few of the things that make Coventry special.


The famous St. Michael’s Cathedral is Coventry’s most popular landmark and tourist attraction; dating back to the 14th Century. The cathedral was largely destroyed during the Second World War; however, a new cathedral was opened next to the ruins of the old one in 1962. It contains the tapestry, ‘Christ in Glory’ and a bronze statue of ‘St Michael’s Victory over the Devil’ at the entrance. A few more eye-catching monuments situated in Coventry are:

  • Cook Street Gate
  • Caesar’s Tower
  • A wall fragment of the Caludon Castle
  • Mary’s Priory and Cathedral
  • Vignoles Bridge


For the art enthusiasts, the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum is the place to be. The museum houses a range of collections, from taxidermy to old paintings and an 18th century costume collection.

The Coventry Transport Museum is a must see for the avid automotive fans, as it shelters more than 240 cars, 100 motorcycles and 200 bicycles.

Sherlock Holmes fans can avail the opportunity to visit the Coventry Police Museum, situated in the city’s main police station. The museum contains many police artifacts and exhibits from the police force’s history. A few more interesting museums that can be visited are:

  • The Midland Air Museum
  • The Coventry City Farm
  • The Priory Visitor Centre

Coventry Nightlife

Coventry’s captivating nightlife improves and grows each year. The nightlife is spread all over the city, rather than a single area. Bars, nightclubs, and casinos dot the Skydome Complex, where the younger generation head to on the weekends. A few more traditional pubs and bars are located on Spon Street. Live music is played at ‘The Kasbah’, a large nightclub located outside the city centre. A very famous place known as ‘Inspire’, situated in Coventry Centre, is an amazing eatery and offers live band performances, gigs, and a good selection of drinks.


From mouth watering appetizers to scrumptious desserts, the restaurants in Coventry will truly ignite your passion for food and keep you wanting more. Many well known Indian restaurants such as ‘Turmeric Gold Restaurant’ and ‘My Dhabba’ offer authentic Indian cuisine. If you are in the mood for Middle Eastern food, look no further than ‘Hummus House UK’, that serves outstanding Arab cuisine.  Love Thai food? Visit the ‘Blue Orchid’. A few other restaurants that offer impeccable food and a great experience are ‘Rising Café-From the Rubble’, ‘2 Tone Café & Simmer Down Restaurant’ and ‘The Farmhouse Restaurant’.


Coventry offers bus, railway and taxi services to move around the city. However it is better and cheaper for a tourist to utilize online taxi services like ‘Minicabit’ that compare the rates of more than 700 licensed taxis and minicabs, and offer the most competitive prices.


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