Why Is Fort Lauderdale The Perfect Holiday Destination?

It’s that time of year again, where holidays get planned and hotels get booked. It’s the time to get excited, eagerly anticipating your break away in paradise. If you haven’t booked this years luxury trip yet, or are looking further ahead, then there’s one city you should deeply consider. Fort Lauderdale.

It goes without saying that there are thousands of places to choose from to go on holiday. It’s such a vast decision, and each place has its own pros and cons. So, I present to you some food for thought, and some information on why Fort Lauderdale may be the destination for you!

Accommodation for every type of traveler. Whether you travel solo, take the kids or tag along with your friends, you’ll all be able to find a place to stay. Whether you need a luxury holiday or something a little more basic, Fort Lauderdale has you covered.

Different types of accommodation are simple to find, using providers like HotWire Hotels. Not many cities cater to the families as well as the millennials, but you won’t be lost with this one.

It’s right by the waterfront. Fort Lauderdale is right on Florida’s south-eastern coast, and as such, is home to dozens of sunny beaches. This waterfront strip is dotted with bars, clubs and restaurants, and the nightlife is just as exciting as the day. You can go for a swim and lie on the beach and build some sandcastles. Or, you can attend many of the wild parties that take place up and down the coastline.

This water also opens up the doors to many boat trips. There are the Jungle Queen Riverboat Tours, among others, and there are plenty of exciting ways to interact with the wet stuff. The Fort Lauderdale beaches are some of the most renowned in the world, and you can cool off in the ocean after a lengthy sunbathing session.

Animal lovers, rejoice! Fort Lauderdale is packed with attractions that will appeal to any kind of animal lover. For example, Butterfly World, home to a lot of butterflies, is a beautiful, colorful trip into a nature packed environment. There’s also Flamingo Gardens, the wildlife sanctuary which houses dozens of pink, feathered birds.

What’s more, most of these attractions are very, very cheap, and your wallet will thank you. Tickets to Flamingo Gardens can cost less than 25 dollars, so you won’t have to break the bank on your trip away. There are also family tickets available, so groups can still get in on the cheap.

Warm, sunny weather. People who love sunshine and dry climates are usually restricted to going on holiday between May and August. These are the hottest months of the year, and Fort Lauderdale is no different.

The city has a very warm climate, and low rainfall. If you want the warmest suns, May to August is your best bet, but you can’t go wrong with any other month.

So there you have it! Hopefully this advice was of some use to you. I wish you a happy holiday, and a safe journey!

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