Why you should take a family holiday to Dubai

Dubai is a country that has pumped billions of dollars into its economy, positioning itself as a tourist mecca, business hub, and one of the best places for an international stopover for those travelling between continents.

Over the past 20 years, Dubai has climbed up from the dessert, transforming itself into a city full of 5-star hotels and mega malls. However, there’s more to Dubai than what may initially meet the eye, and there’s a reason why so many families continue to visit year after year.

Dubai is home to almost 200 different nationalities, and 90% of the residents were born elsewhere. This makes it one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, which is excellent if you want to introduce your kids to diversity while they’re on vacation.

Here are some of the fun things you can do with the family in Dubai:

Take a pottery class

If you want to show the kids how they can make some very cool things with their hands, head to Yadawei, which will teach the whole family everything you need to know in order to get started with the basics of pottery and ceramics. You will also be able to use a pottery wheel, which the kids are sure to love.

Dance it out

Whether you’ve been wanting to learn to tango or the kids want to learn to twerk (please no), there are a variety of different dance clubs at Ductac, which you’ll find in the Mall of the Emirates. Whether your kids already take classes at home and want to try a new class abroad, or the whole family wants to take a beginners class together, you’ll find a range of different types of dancing to try.

Reenact the Hunger Games

The kids will love Flip Out Dubai which has two themed, completely immersive fields available for the whole family to try archery tag, and this combination of dodgeball and paintball is sure to be a hit. Bring your camera for shots of the kids shooting each other with foam-tipped arrows.

Get wet

It’s no secret that Dubai is hot, but the kids will love the chance to spend the day at a water park– and Dubai has some of the best. Check out Wild Wadi Water Park, which you’ll find in front of Burj Al Arab, and see if you’re brave enough to try the Jemeriah Sceirah which is the fastest and tallest freefall water slide outside of the United States or Canada.

The kids will love body boarding (which they can do at Wipeout), and they’ll also be able to enjoy more than 30 different attractions and rides that are fun for the entire family.

Head to Tantrum Alley, where you’ll find three different tornados, and then relax in the waves at Breakers Bay, which is the Middle East’s largest wave pool. The 360 metre lazy river is also sure to be a favourite- especially for mum and dad.

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