Wild At Heart: Why You Should Go On Safari

Maybe you’ve been fascinated with the African Savannah ever since you watched The Lion King as a kid, want to photograph some of the best landscapes on earth, or simply need to take a break from the daily grind. Whatever the reason a safari can give you an opportunity to meet new people, challenge yourself in a different environment and last, but not least, witness nature at her most wildest. If you think you know everything about Lions, Zebras and Giraffes think again!

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Take Time Out For Yourself


If you’ve been finding yourself stretched a little thin the last few months then some time out to consider where you’re going in life will be great. Travel in Africa is different to anywhere else, and you may find yourself going from bus to jeep, to a truck and even on the back of an elephant to get around. Safaris cannot be rushed as it may take days to track the animals, your guides will have an idea of the area, but they will need to use tracking skills to find them. The pace of life away from the cities is more relaxed, Afrikaners have a unique concept of time, in that ‘any minute now’ can mean any time in the next ten minutes or six months. In the bush you’re limited to daylight hours, it’s not advisable to be away from camp at night, so in the evening you’ll have plenty of time to chat to other guests, reflect on the day’s events by fire or lamplight or just listen to the sounds of the bush at night.


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Experience Seeing Wild Animals Up Close


Lions, giraffes, hippos, wildebeest, meerkats and elephants as well as zebras, hyenas and warthogs the list goes on, and on. Africa has some of the most iconic wildlife on earth, to the point that visitors on safari talk about ‘The Big Five’, so named because hunters once claimed these were the most difficult and dangerous animals to track on foot. They are lions, Cape buffalo, African elephants, rhinos, and leopards. If you’re looking to get up, close and personal Go2Africa is a luxury safari travel company who offer a range of safari accommodation and have over twenty years experience. If you’re spending some time in the National Parks, try to book a Rondavel, or traditional roundhouse as they tend to place guest accommodation within sight of watering holes so you can see the animals drinking every morning and evening.


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Explore The African Landscape


The African continent is known for its breathtaking landscapes. Be it the sweeping majesty of South Africa’s Table Mountain and the Infamous peaks of Kilimanjaro to the grassy flatlands of the Masai Mara, or the rugged terrains of the KwaZulu-Natal, Kruger and Tsitsikamma National Parks that receive thousands of visitors from around the world each year. Here, in Africa, the land is lush, vibrant and packed with beautiful flora and fauna. Grasslands stretch for miles and the great plains of the Serengeti are over 11,500 square miles wide. Overall, eight major regions make up a unique continent including the Sahara Desert, the Savannah, the African Great Lakes, South Africa, The Swahili Coast and The Rainforest.


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