Can The Online Car Market Be Trusted?

If you’re thinking about buying a new car, you might have already checked out a few online sellers. There are plenty of places to buy a car online. You can even purchase a vehicle from a site like Ebay if you wanted to. But can online car sellers be trusted and what should you do to make sure that you avoid getting a complete dud, a car that won’t start or one with serious issues that could cost a fortune to fix.

Who’s Selling, Who’s Buying

First, we need to think about who is selling the car. If it’s a private seller, you have to be careful. If you’re buying off a site like Ebay, make sure you check the ad listing. Look for any type of statement claiming that they are not a car expert, know nothing about cars or anything similar. It may also say that they are not a registered car seller. They might claim, for instance, they are selling their own car or a car of someone they know. Be very careful with these types of sellers. By claiming no knowledge of the vehicle, they are escaping legal liability if there is an issue with it. How could they have possibly known?

Be aware that in some cases an omission of details such as knowledge of the car is enough to escape liability. They can argue they never represented themselves as a car expert. That’s why you want to always contact the seller first and get something in writing that you can use.

There is one little detail that you might be able to use to your advantage though. If they have sold more than one car over a few months, they could be considered a trader. Thus, they should know about any issues with the vehicle.


Avoiding A Hefty Delivery Bill

You might also find that the seller charges an arm and a leg for the delivery of the vehicle. You can escape this issue quite simply by arranging shipping and delivery of the vehicle yourself. If you check out the best car transport quotes 2017 – Shiply® are by far one of the best. Not only do they have excellent reviews, they offer a fair price and can make sure you don’t get gouged on a private delivery bill. Don’t forget, the seller almost always chooses the the price and it’s not unknown for them to inflate it to make a little extra money. That’s why you should always arrange your own.

Avoiding Private Sellers Altogether

You should be able to trust official sellers online because you’ll always have buyer safety. But maybe, you’re starting to think that private sellers should be avoided altogether. Not necessarily though, you just might want to make sure you see what you’re buying before you commit to a purchase. If it’s a working car, arrange to take it for a test spin first. You could be spending thousands on a vehicle online. You don’t want it to arrive outside your house looking shiny and new, before finding out it won’t start.

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