Out But Not Down: Tips To Stay Afloat While Job Searching

Job security is one of the biggest concerns for the average American. No work means no money, and no money means no food on the table. Job hunting isn’t a pretty sight, and at times it can feel completely hopeless as we stare at our bank account being emptied with daily purchases and essential items.

But hang in there and keep your spirits high. Everyone knows what it’s like to have no job. Struggling to get by is difficult, but knowing how to get through that rough period of time in your life is key to staying sane and keeping your stress down.


Start Budgeting

You need to save every penny you can, especially for emergency situations where you need a quick burst of cash. Start by listing every mandatory item. These are things like food, rent, insurance, and bills. Next, write down a list of luxury items. Things like sugary snacks, fast food, video games, and yes, even your cable TV subscription.

Add up everything and make sure you stick to the plan. Buying a snack now and then isn’t bad, but don’t make it a habit. Cut back on expensive foods and opt for budget or supermarket brands, and look out for as many deals as you can while grocery shopping.

If you find yourself in a tight spot, then there’s absolutely no shame in getting in touch with a service like Cigno to take out a small loan and keep yourself fed. It’s either that or ask your relatives and friends for a bit of cash, which isn’t ideal if they’re known to gloat or hold it against you.

Apply for Unemployment

Claiming to be unemployed could grant you up to $450 per week for expenses. The benefits are paid by state governments, so it could vary depending on where you live. You’re only eligible for these benefits if you came into unemployment and it wasn’t your fault, so if you quit your job you won’t be able to get a helping hand with cash.


Stick To Your Routine

Even when you’re not working, there’s no excuse to stay up until 5am in the morning. You need to keep your body active and stick to your daily routine. Wake up at the same time, drink coffee like you usually do, and always set yourself a task even if it’s something small like doing a quick job search. It’s easy to fall into the habit of sleeping late because you don’t have to get up, but you need to keep your body ready for when you finally land a job.

Occupy Yourself

Find a low-cost or free hobby, or pick up a book and learn a new skill. It’s always best to stay active even when you’re out of the job. Don’t neglect working out and stay fit and healthy. Use the time that you would’ve been at work to go and look for jobs or study a new skill that may help you to find a new job. You could even consider doing some freelance work for companies around the world, especially if your field is related to computers or design.

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