Dubai In A Nutshell

Go back just 20 years, and Dubai was little more than a few stone buildings in a vast desert. But today the city is thriving. And as far as modern world cities go, it’s architecture is among the most exciting out there. It’s all part of the UAE’s plan to get the country off of its dependence on oil. That’s why we see so many tourist projects like the palm islands that extend out into the Persian Gulf. Dubai knows its future isn’t in resources. It’s in tourism and making sure that visitors have the time of their life.

If you only had 48 hours to visit Dubai as part of a Dubai cruise, what would you do?


The Burj Khalifa And Dubai Creek

The Burj Khalifa, initially called the Burj Dubai is still the world’s tallest building. It’s more than 818 meters high and has an observation deck near the top.

If you don’t fancy waiting in the queues, you can always take a trip on Dubai Creek instead. Here you’ll see the Old Town, where the city began its life. You can hitch a ride on one of the area’s many water taxi wooden abras. Fares are cheap, around 30 cents for a one-way trip. You can also hire out boats by the hour or by the day if you want to see more of the city by water. Just be warned, much of the city in this area is still a building site. But that’s part of the charm of Dubai. Everything here is happening so rapidly.

Visit Al Quoz Art District

Dubai doesn’t just want to be a city of shimmering glass and steel. It also wants to develop local art and culture. One of the areas at the forefront of this is the Al Quoz quarter. Here you’ll find an avant-garde assortment of warehouses, each hosting a range of art exhibits. For a place in the Middle East, it’s surprisingly eclectic. You’ll find fashion designers here, alongside reading cabins, coffee shops, galleries and Wi-Fi hotspots. Be prepared for a bit of a hike to get around the area. The complex is large and still growing.


Go Window Shopping

Dubai wants to attract regular tourists. But it knows that big money is to be found by getting the super-rich to show up. The city does this by offering some of the most exclusive shopping locations anywhere in the world. In the summer, Dubai gets so hot that the air conditioned shopping malls are the most pleasant place to be. Even if you can’t buy anything, Dubai offers me of the best window shopping out there. It’s a lot like Geneva in that respect.

Grab A Bite To Eat With The Locals

At the end of a 48-hour whistlestop tour, you’re just about ready to grab a bite to eat. But why eat by yourself when you can chow down with the locals? Dubai has over 5,000 restaurants, but nothing is quite like the Frying Pan Adventures foodie tour. Here you’ll sample local food loved by local residents.

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