Why Starting A Business Online Is The Fastest Route To Financial Freedom

There’s a myth floating around in our culture about money and wealth that we need to address. That myth says that the richest people in our society got there either through sheer luck or through exploitation of others. The media constantly panders to this narrative. They lead with stories about the misbehavior of top business people, like Sir Philip Green. This then smears other wealthy people by association.

It’s actually a rather abusive tactic. It takes agency away from all the talented, decent people, who have a shot at success. Think how many businesses haven’t been started because people believed the mainstream narrative. The wasted potential makes the mind boggle.

The truth is that the fastest way to financial freedom isn’t to slug it out in a career for decades. It’s to take a risk on starting your own business, these days online.


Value Your Time Over Money

Online commerce isn’t a silver bullet. We discovered that back in the dotcom boom of the early 2000s. Your company isn’t work 50 times market cap, just because you have a website with .com at the end of it.

But we have discovered some rather interesting things since then about online companies. For one, once you’ve got a registered office address provider, it’s rather simple to automate. Electronic tools help to reduce your time commitments to any particular online company. Plus, you can now outsource to virtual assistants to handle all your customer queries. There are even services that will do all the packing and shipping for you. This means that business owners have more time to spend on the big picture. You could start another business. Or you could focus on making your existing business better.

Grab A Bunch Of Zealous Supporters

Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to bag yourself a band of zealous supporters. As long as you’re providing value to some specific group, it’s easy create brand advocates. A good example might be the Paleo Diet. This is a business set up by primal nutritionist Loren Cordain. His idea was to build a business around the idea that people should eat like they did in the Paleolithic for maximum health. His supporters could be rightly called zealots. They advocate his brand all over social media because they fully believe his message. They go back to his website time and time again. They buy and read his books, and they make a point of telling their communities they are following his diet.


Act Today – Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow

People are very good at avoiding making big, life-changing decisions. Change can be very scary. Some people will tell themselves they can’t start a business because they have kids. Others will tell themselves that they don’t have the skills or the contacts. Still, others will wait until the future, because starting up is too risky today. All of these excuses are designed to avoid the anxiety of changing and growing as a person.

The cool thing about starting a business online is that it really isn’t expensive at all. Subscriptions to website builders are usually less than £20 a month. Often you can have an online business up and running in less than a day. So what are you waiting for?

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