Four Foods Which Are Surprisingly Bad For Your Teeth

We all like to take care of our teeth. To maintain our pearly whites, we all know that we should leave off soft drinks and sugary foods when we can. But what if you’re harming your teeth with foods you never even suspected? There a few foods which are notably bad for your teeth, though most of us would never expect it! Here are four to look out for.Almonds_macro_3First of all, Almonds. These aren’t all bad, and have some health benefits tied to them. Almonds are brimming with vitamin E and a few fats which are great for the body. However, they can cause a surprising amount of damage to your teeth. I’m sure you’re aware of how hard almonds are. If you keep biting down on such a tough, rigid texture, it can wear down the surface of the teeth. In some cases, people have cracked and fractured their teeth by biting on almonds. I’m sure you don’t want a surprise trip to a 24 hourly dentist!

Next, we have apples. I promise you I’m not trying to be annoying here! With all the emphasis of getting our five a day, you might be going through apples more than ever. Well, you can cut down now! Apples, like a lot of other fruits, are exceptionally acidic. This acid will be very hard on your teeth after a while, so make sure you take steps to counter it. Whenever you eat apples or another acidic fruit, make sure to have a healthy drink on hand. Simply rinsing your mouth out after eating an apple will do a lot to mitigate the damage.dried-fruit-782317_1280Even dried fruits can be a real threat to your teeth. In fact, a lot of dried fruit is more harmful than the natural snacks they started as. Remember that dried fruits have had all their water removed from them. This means that the remaining fruit is full of sugar, which is the one thing you want to avoid getting on your teeth. To avoid too much corrosion, make a point to drink water with your dried fruit, as you do with apples. This will help to lessen the effects of the fruit’s acid.

Finally, peanut butter. If you’ve ever tried this lovely paste, then you’ll know its major drawback. When eating it, big clumps will get stuck in every little corner of your mouth, and sit there until you can dislodge it with your tongue. This thick texture is what make peanut butter such a threat to your teeth. Like a lot of things, peanut butter contains a considerable amount of sugar. If it’s left stuck to your teeth, it will have the same effect as any sugary foods. You may want to switch to a sugar-free peanut butter if you can help it.

As you can see, medical science is still ruining all your favourite foods! Although these foods are harmful, no one’s asking you to quit them completely. Get into a few good habits, and your teeth should be fine.


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