Bored Of The Same Old Vacation? Try These For Size

It can be super easy to end up in a vacation rut and visit the same types of places on vacation. Most of the time, it’s due to budget restrictions. However, it is very possible to visit new and exciting places even if you only have limited funds. So are you ready to head somewhere you’ve never been before? Try out one of these amazing vacation ideas for size.pexels-photo-68398

Hit The Slopes

Instead of sticking to your annual summer holiday, why not mix things up with a trip in winter? And what better to do during winter than hit the slopes and go skiing. It is a fantastic family holiday, as both adults and kids will love zooming through the snow. And there will be plenty of activities to do in the evenings once you are finished on the slopes, like movie nights and live bands. If you fall in love with skiing, you could even turn it into a career by taking a Ski Instructor Course.

Discover The Land Of The Incas

If you want to stay active during your trip but would rather stay warm than play in the snow, head to the Andes Mountains. It is here you will find the beginning of the famous Inca Trail. This hike eventually leads to Machu Pichu, the famous Inca monument. On the walk, you will pass by many other Inca ruins including temples and settlements. Most travelers choose to do the walk as part of a tour. So you don’t have to worry about getting lost!

Extreme Sports In Norway

One of the most popular weeks for Norwegian tourism is Ekstremsportveko. In English, that means Extreme Sports Week! During this week, many people head to Norway to take part in various white-knuckle sports. From kayaking and climbing to base jumping and longboarding. But, to be honest, any time of the year is perfect for extreme sports in Norway, especially if you enjoy cross country skiing!


Visit Scotland

Do you realize just how cool Scotland is? It’s the home of the Loch Ness Monster! And you can go and try to spy him by visiting Loch Ness in the Highlands. There is also plenty of whisky to sample during your visit. Almost every Scottish region has its very own speciality whisky. Don’t forget to enjoy some haggis with your drink – it’s the country’s national dish! The capital city of Edinburgh makes a great base from which you can explore the city. From there, you can be in Glasgow after just an hour’s train journey.

Safari In Kenya

For some people, safari in Kenya is a dream opportunity. Heading out into the African countryside is the best chance many of us will get to see animals such as lions, giraffes, and rhinos in the wild. If you book onto a tour, you will have the best chance to see the animals. Experts will take you out and know exactly where and when to take you.

Hopefully, that will have given you plenty of food for thought!

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