Stay Healthy All Winter Long with These Tips

Every winter, millions of people fall victim to one type of sickness or another. The cramped nature of most peoples’ winter lives make catching a cold or flu much easier than throughout the rest of the year, but a combination of factors result in increased chance of sickness during the coldest months of the year. Many people struggle to make it through a single winter without getting sick, but it is possible to maximize your chances of a healthy season. What can you do to improve your chances? We’ll discuss a few simple and straightforward tips that you can employ to enjoy this winter sickness-free.


Exercise Regularly

If you want to stay healthy throughout the winter – in more ways than one – then you need to be active regularly. Research has shown that those who exercise daily get sick half as often as those who do not, providing many with yet another reason to hit the gym, treadmill or track. Cardiovascular exercise is essential to a long and healthy life, and no master of public health would disagree with this premise. As it turns out, being active during the winter month can help stimulate immune cells in the body that fight germs, disease and infection. We could all use a bit more of that during the winter!

Keep Your Hands to (and Away From) Yourself

Germs spread through the air and through contact. During the winter months, we are more prone to huddling indoors and in close contact with other people, making us more susceptible to catching a cold. If you want to keep the chance of getting sick to a minimum during the winter, then you need to be conscious of where you put your hands. Not only should you be careful to minimize any touching of door knobs and other public or shared elements, but you should also minimize how much you touch your face. Your body is almost always exposed to illness through the nose, mouth and eyes. By touching various items, followed by touching your face, you increase the likelihood of an unhealthy winter.


Reduce Sugar Consumption

Healthy living all year round should be a goal, but avoiding sickness during the winter involves some sacrifices. Did you know that sugar intake can actually increase the likelihood of sickness during the winter months, along with other known illnesses? When you reduce the amount of sugar you’re consuming, your immune system is strengthened. This can help the body fight off unwanted germs and illness that might otherwise affect an unhealthy person. Additionally, your overall health – 365 days per year – will improve with a reduction of sugar in your daily diet.

Staying fit and healthy during the winter months can be an even taller order than usual. Most people want to withdraw from the unpleasantness of diet and exercise during this time, but they are highly effective ways of combating sickness. By keeping your hands to yourself, reducing useless sugar in your diet and exercising regularly, you can dramatically boost your winter immune system while also getting in shape for the year to come!

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