Staying safe on your winter adventures

Winter is fast approaching, and with it, worsening road conditions. The shorter days and worsening weather combined can be perilous if the appropriate measures aren’t taken. Winter is actually a magical season, perfect for microadventures; the frosty morning and moody sunsets are beautiful. Heading out to enjoy nature shouldn’t be dangerous. Thankfully, have produced a gorgeous, and informative e-book to help us stay safe through the colder months.

The e-book quotes stats from a recent study of 750 people which reveals that people spend more time in their cars during the winter, but, in general, don’t take any extra precautions. Adverse weather conditions can seriously increase the risk of having an accident – driving with extra care is essential.

This is a huge cliff in Uluwatu, Bali, you can walk on a path, close to the edge, that brings you to a beautiful temple, Uluwatu Temple. The weather in Bali changes a lot, i got lucky to find this magical atmosphere with this soft light right on the rocks.

When driving in the rain, visibility can be reduced by up to half. Moreover, stopping distances drastically increase when roads are wet, so make sure you leave double the gap between you and the vehicle in front. Also where possible, avoid driving through large puddles as this could result in loss of control.

A misty English countryside sunrise in September

Fog is also a major hazard when on the roads. Chill recommend that drivers should only drive in fog when it is absolutely necessary and fog lights should always be used.

Beautiful winter sunrise on the highway

Driving in snow can be a daunting task for inexperienced drivers. The complete lack of traction can cause panic, even when driving slowly in a straight line. When driving in the snow, heavy braking should be avoided at all costs. Slamming on the brakes will cause the car to skid uncontrollably. Instead, reduce your speed smoothly and gradually. Driving speed should also be reduced to reflect the conditions, especially when approaching corners. If you lose control, the best thing to do is not panic. Take your foot off the accelerator, don’t stamp on the brake and try to steer in the direction you are heading.

Taking care of your car throughout the winter can also reduce the risk of having an unwanted accident. Making sure your tyres are in good condition is essential year round, but even more important during the winter. If you’re not sure about your tyres, seek professional assistance. In some parts of Europe it’s a legal requirement to have special winter tyres.

Check out the e-book for more in depth tips on staying safe on the roads this year.




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