Leaving On A Jet Plane? Make Sure These Things Are Done Before You Go

Brief sidebar before we start. The French have a term for that feeling we get when a conversation just finished, and we think of something we totally should have said. A line that would have won the argument, or got you a few laughs at least. It’s “l’esprit d’escalier,” and literally means “spirit of the staircase.” Because you think of it just as you were leaving, you see?

The reason for mentioning that is that many of us, when about to fly somewhere, will suddenly remember something. Something we’ve left at home or in the car. Something we’ve left switched on or forgotten to buy at the airport. And we’re now about to be hundreds, maybe thousands of miles away from it, so we’re left like the French guy with the perfect quip.

You’d have been better off remembering once you landed at your destination. At least then you wouldn’t have spent the whole flight angry at yourself. So to avoid this “esprit d’avion,” here are some checks you should always run before setting off on a long journey.


A Final Sweep Of All The Sockets

“I don’t know when I’ll next get a chance to charge my phone,” you say on the morning of your flight. So you put it on to get it up to 100%. Come the time to leave, you pick it up and head out the door. But you know chargers left connected can cause fires, right? So switch off all sockets, take out plugs and check every one before you leave.

Is Your Car Safe?

Putting your car in a long-stay car park is really the only option if you’re driving it to the airport. And the temptation to forget it and take a taxi may be considerable, but it’s not the best bet for safety. Instead of paying full price, you can pick up some parking coupons and save yourself some money. As well as any worries about the security of your car and possessions. Staying calm is essential for a better journey.


Have You Made Arrangements For Mail And The Paper?

If you’re going away for a few days, then you don’t want mail and newspapers stacking up in your mailbox. It’s like a bat-signal for burglars. As is your car not being there, granted. But all that means is you’re not there now.

Excess mail and other deliveries show you haven’t been there for at least a couple of days, making it less likely you’ll return suddenly. Arrange for someone to come round and pick it up, or for deliveries to be stopped until you’re back.

There are a few other things to check as well, of course. That you’ve packed the right clothes and any medication you may need for the duration of your trip. But the former you can live without, and the latter can be arranged on the other side. Oh, and your passport as well. But then, if you don’t bring that you don’t have to worry about being separated from it by the flight. Because you won’t be getting on.

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