3 Tips for a Memorable Road Trip

There’s nothing I enjoy more than winding down my windows and going for a summer’s drive. Why not turn that summer drive into a longer adventure? You can easily turn some of your summer holidays into a road trip or even make a weekend road trip. I personally love going on road trips because you’re in control of where you go, how long for, when you stop and what route you take. All you need is a few great friends, these 3 simple tips for a memorable road trip and you’ll have the perfect recipe for one of the best adventures of your life. Read on more to learn more about how to create a memorable road trip:

1. A Comfortable Car
You’ll want to be in a comfortable car, especially if you’re going to be there for hours on end. If you’re in the market for a new car, a road trip after buying a new car can be a great way to get used to your car, give the engine a good working and also create some special memories with your new car from day one. Newer cars tend to be more comfortable, which is definitely a bonus when you’re traveling longer distance, such as for a road trip. If you’re going with friends, consider between you who has the most comfortable car and choose that one as you’ll notice the difference after sitting down for 5 plus hours.

2. Great Snacks
There’s nothing worse than someone’s bad attitude ruining a special road trip. Pack a range of great snacks along with you to ensure that no one goes hungry and to avoid feeling desperate in the middle of no where. Often snacks available on the road at garages are expensive, overpriced and lacking any real nutritional value. Do yourself a favour and be prepared. Fruit, nuts, museli bars and jerky all make great relatively healthy snacks.

3. Extra Time
Be generous with the time you plan each segment to take. There’s nothing worse than running way behind schedule and taking dangerous driving risks to try to catch up. Chances are you will want to stop along the way for photos, coffee, or to have lunch, so try to factor in some extra time so you wont be rushing. It’s also important to consider that traffic may be a factor, so as a general rule I like to add in an extra hour for every 3 hours driving time. This gives me ample time and a safety net so I’m not late or rushing around.

Traveling is one of life’s greatest joys and for me personally there’s nothing better than a road trip. Use these tips to have a great road trip with your friends or loved ones this summer!

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