Dog friendly hotels around the world

Traveling with dogs can be a huge pleasure, especially if you find it hard to leave your pup at home. When leaving the country with your dog, you will not only have to make sure you find a hotel where you can stay with your furry friend. After all, he’s part of your family, so it’s essential that he enjoys the vacation just as you do.

What are some of the best dog friendly hotels around the world? Read on, find out more and get ready to make traveling with dogs even more enjoyable.


Lowes in Santa Monica, CA

Famous hotels for being one of the most dog friendly hotels in the United States, Lowes makes traveling with dogs feel a lot more stress-free. In fact, traveling with dogs and staying at Lowes will feel like a genuinely amazing experience. From the fact that the hotel is 100% pet-friendly to the fact that all staff members are trained to work with pet guests, everything about this hotel “barks” well-being for the furry friends. And, if you are not impressed just yet, consider the fact that their beach resort offers surfing lessons for dogs. Imagine what a crazily unforgettable experience that would be for all of your family’s members!

Belmond Hotel Splendido, Italy

Have you purchased one of the best dog crates to take your pup in a trip to the home of great wines, pizza and pasta? With one of the most gorgeous views you’ve ever seen, Belmond Hotel Splendido promises to be an excellent option not only for you and your loved ones, but for your furry friend as well. In fact, this is one  of the very best dog friendly hotels in the world. The hotel will provide you with everything from amenities (such as a food bowl for your pup) to dog massages, dog walkers and dog grooming. At your arrival, your pooch will be welcomed with a beautiful mini-robe, so that both you and him enjoy your stay at what is a truly splendid Italian hotel.


Gstaad Palace, Switzerland

Searching for the best dog friendly hotels in Swizterland? At the heart of Europe you will find one of the most luxurious and exclusivist hotels in the world – the Gstaad Palace. Aside from the amazing services they provide for their guests, Gstaad Palace is also famous for its treatment of four-legged guests too. Your pup will be welcomed with everything he needs to make his stay truly comfortable: water bowls, pillow and even a customized welcome card. What’s more, the hotel offers dog sitters and dog walkers upon request and even a la carte food options that include carrots, chicken and many other options.

The Peninsula Paris, France

Although this hotel allows only pooches under 11 pounds to be accommodated in their ultra-luxurious rooms, they do a splendid job out of this. Not only will your fluffy friend be welcomed with everything he needs to feel really happy – but it’s all going to be the ultimate luxury both for you and for your dog as well. In fact, traveling with dogs has never gotten so opulent and so glamorous – so much so that your pup will not be served with tap water, but with Evian. Now, that’s an experience you will surely find this to be one of the best dog friendly hotels?

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